Attention Pasta Lovers: Meet Pastabilities, Now at BariatricPal Store

Attention Pasta Lovers: Meet Pastabilities, Now at BariatricPal Store

Alex Brecher

We're super thrilled to introduce the newest addition to our BariatricPal Store family: Pastabilities. As you might have guessed from the playful name, this brand is all about pasta. But not just any pasta—think wholesome, nutrition-fueled pasta that's as delightful to your taste buds as it is to your health. Let's dig in to see what this brand is all about, shall we?

A Touch of Magic: The Pastabilities Story

Born of a love for quality food, Pastabilities strives to transform every meal into a healthy and delightful experience. Their mantra, ‘making pasta a fun part of a healthy diet,’ resounds in every one of their products. By staying committed to nutritional value without compromising the deliciousness pasta is known for, they stand out from the crowd. Unique? Very. Tasty? Absolutely!

What's On The Menu?

Got your forks and spoons ready? Let's dive headfirst into some of Pastabilities' offerings available on the BariatricPal Store.

Pastabilities Fiber Pasta (8 oz.)

Designed for those needing that extra bit of fiber in their diet, this pasta is a powerhouse of nutrition. It's like your daily fiber supplement, but in the fun form of pasta. Adding this to your meal routine is, without a doubt, a delicious way of keeping your digestive health in check.

Pastabilities Lower Cal Pasta (8 oz.)

Gracious! Light in calories and heavy on taste, this pasta variant is a dream come true for those watching their caloric intake. Love pasta but dread the calorie count? This one's for you.

Pastabilities Protein Pasta (8 oz.)

Protein, glorious protein! Infused with high-quality protein, this pasta is perfect after a killer workout or as a part of your protein-intensive diet. It promises to help you meet your protein goals while you savor your favorite pasta recipes.

So, there you have it! Good things do come in threes, and so do pastas at BariatricPal Store. We're absolutely in love with these new arrivals and are confident that you will be too. So why wait? Head on over to our store and kick start your past-abilities! No guilt, all pleasure.

Cheers to healthy indulgences! 🍝🥳