Bariatric Surgery: Not the Easy Way Out

Bariatric Surgery: Not the Easy Way Out

Alex Brecher

Bariatric surgery can sound like the easy way out, but that is far from true. Despite what many people think, it takes a lot of work to become a weight loss surgery success story. Bariatric surgery patients know that already, and future patients need to understand that before safely getting their procedures. Here is why surgery is not the easy way out, and how to increase your chances of post-op success.

Why Do People Choose to Get Bariatric Surgery?

The decision to undergo bariatric surgery is not to be taken lightly. People who choose this route have tried many times, often for years, to lose weight through diet and exercise, but have been unsuccessful in the long term. They may see weight loss surgery as the only likely option for sustainable weight loss, and that is what research often shows.

There are many more reasons to look towards bariatric surgery. For example, it can lower blood sugar and even resolve type 2 diabetes. Certain types of weight loss surgery, such as the gastric sleeve, can alter hormone balance to reduce hunger. Weight loss surgery is also a possibility for dealing with food addictions.

Hard Work Indeed

What happens after weight loss surgery? Unfortunately, you do not wake up from the procedure any lighter than you were when you went into it. The weight loss happens over time, as you follow a strict diet and exercise program. You may need to experiment a bit to figure out exactly what works best for you, but you can be sure that it will require a lot of discipline and a lot of time to see results.

Extreme hunger can be a challenge, and you may need to retrain the brain to feel full with less food. There are possible physical struggles, such as pain you may feel while your surgery wound is healing and complications or side effects such as dumping syndrome.

A Supportive Community at BariatricPal

With so much work ahead of you, a good support system can be crucial for success. Your healthcare team can help with medical questions and diet plans, and family and friends can cheer you on. offers something else: an entire community of bariatric surgery patients who know exactly what you are experiencing. They can listen and give advice and suggestions as you connect over this life-changing surgery.

Bariatric Products to Support Success

The BariatricPal Store is your one-stop shop for the bariatric-friendly products you need, plus many more that may just make things easier for you. The online store has a full range of low-carb, high-protein meals, snacks, shakes, and bars to meet your needs. As you take this lifelong journey, the great-tastes and wide variety can keep you on track and excited. We also have bariatric vitamins and accessories such as scales and bariatric dinnerware. 

BariatricPal is dedicated to the weight loss surgery community, and we want nothing more than for you to succeed if you choose to go that route. Bariatric surgery is still not the easy way out, but by surrounding yourself with a community of other bariatric surgery patients and getting the weight loss products you need, your journey can be a whole lot easier!

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