BariatricPal Box of the Month Club 

BariatricPal Box of the Month Club 

Alex Brecher

Do you love getting stuff in the mail every month? Are you always looking for the next great high-protein, low-carb meal or snack? Do you wish you could try a bunch of samples before deciding which product or flavor to buy? 

The BariatricPal Box of the Month Club may be for you, or it may be the perfect gift for someone you know! Here is what you should know about our popular subscription program that can give you fun foods on your weight loss diet, year round.

How It Works

The BariatricPal Box of the Month Club is pretty simple. You sign up. You tell us where to deliver your goodies. We deliver them every month. The boxes will show up where you asked us to leave them. Just open your box and see what you want to try first! And don’t worry; the boxes come in discreet packaging, so nobody else will know what is inside your package.

What Goes into the Box

What will you see when you open your Box of the Month? You will have to open it to find out! No two boxes are the same. You are certain to get a variety of products, and there may be old favorites and new ones to taste. These are some likely items in a Box.

Here is a tip. You can check out the contents of previous Boxes of the Month on our Box of the Month page. See if you love the assortment, varieties, and surprises in the boxes! 

A Great Deal No Matter What

The BariatricPal Box of the Month Club is well worth the cost. The value of what you receive each month is more than what you pay for it. That is, if you add up the value of each item in the box, it is guaranteed to total more than you paid for it. 

And here are some other reasons why the Box of the Month Club offers a great deal. 

  • Shipping is free every month, and there are never charges for handling.
  • You can try samples or small packages of items without needing to purchase the entire large package. 
  • The longer you choose for your subscription period, the more you save. If you get a 12-month subscription, your cost per month is more than 25% less than if you just get a single month’s subscription.
  • We include coupon codes for items in the box. That way, you can purchase whichever ones you like for a discounted price at our store!

The BariatricPal Store is always working to help you lose weight and love the journey. The BariatricPal Box of the Month Club is one of the offerings that we are most proud of and excited about, since you get to try all kinds of new and old favorites. Be sure to check out our other thousands of low-carb, sugar-free, and high-protein, delicious foods to see how fun weight loss can be!

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