Two New Flavors of Calcium Chews 

Two New Flavors of Calcium Chews 

Alex Brecher

What do you think about having strong bones? What if you could get calcium and other bone-supporting nutrients in a delicious, candy-like supplement? With BariatricPal Calcium Chews, you can. And we have two new flavors to add to the already-strong lineup of BariatricPal Calcium Chews! They are Piña Colada and Caramel Apple.

Great Taste in a Sugar-Free Chew

Chalky vitamins? Horse-sized capsules? No, thank you! There is no need to “choke down” BariatricPal Calcium Chews because they taste fabulous. 

Piña Colada tastes like the tried-and-true blend of pineapples and coconut. They taste tropical, sweet, and creamy. Caramel Apple has a hint of sweet-tart apples, with rich caramel. It tastes like fall in the best possible way.

The taste may be great, but there is no sugar in BariatricPal Calcium Chews. They are made without artificial sweeteners, too. Instead, their ingredients include natural flavors and stevia extract.

Why Use Calcium Chews?

Calcium is an essential mineral for bone health. It is needed to prevent a decrease in bone mass. Bariatric surgery patients and anyone who is on a weight loss diet is at increased risk for reduced bone mass. One reason is that intake of calcium may be reduced when you are limiting your total food intake or if you are not eating dairy products. Another reason is that calcium absorption may be reduced after bariatric surgery.

It is best to ask your doctor exactly how much calcium you need. The ASMBS suggests getting 500 mg of calcium at a time, two to three times a day. BariatricPal Piña Colada and Caramel Apple Calcium Chews each have 500 mg of calcium. It is in the form of calcium citrate, which means you can take the chews on an empty stomach or with food, and they are less likely to bother your stomach than some other forms of calcium.

The chews have 800 IU vitamin D. This helps absorb and use calcium properly, and it is a commonly deficient vitamin in bariatric surgery patients and other adults. 

In addition, the chews have 250 million CFU probiotics per serving. Probiotics are healthy gut bacteria. They are not only linked to better immune function, but may also be related to conditions such as obesity and diabetes.

Other Calcium Chew Flavors

Piña Colada and Caramel Apple are our two rookies, but the BariatricPal Store has several delicious flavors of Calcium Chews that can make you excited to take your calcium each day. They include the following.

Be sure to try them all! You can have a different flavor to look forward to no matter what your mood or craving, and you can be confident that your little indulgence is nutritious. 

And check out the other great-tasting BariatricPal vitamins, such as Multivitamins, Iron, Biotin, and Vitamin B-12. Whatever you and your healthcare provider decide that you need for your pre-op or post-op or weight loss diet and nutrition plan, we are here to provide it!

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