Box of the Month as a Gift

Box of the Month as a Gift

Veronica Hernandez

Do you have a friend or family member who had or is scheduled to have weight loss surgery? Are you looking for a holiday gift, or do you need a way to say that you care? Does it need to be contactless due to COVID-19, and timely due to the upcoming holidays?

Let us help! The BariatricPal Box of the Month makes an ideal gift. It gives your loved one the gift of weight loss, while taking the burden of selecting appropriate foods off of you. We do the work, you get the credit, and your loved one gets to lose weight. It’s a win-win!

Welcome to the Club!

The BariatricPal Box of the Month is a hand-picked bundle of store products that arrives in a neat package each month without any effort on your or their part for as long as you choose. It can be motivating to receive great-tasting products, and it can facilitate weight loss by letting your loved ones try new items that fit onto their diet.

Giving this gift can be an ongoing reminder of how much you care about them. When they receive the box, they can think of you and remember that you are rooting for their success all year long.

What’s in the Box

Each month’s box is different. What is the same each month is that it is a big box with a variety of bariatric-friendly products that have been hand-picked. Items may be old favorites or new products in stock at the store. 

The Box offers an exclusive chance to try sample-sized packages of items that are otherwise only available in full-sized packages. It can call attention to new products that could otherwise slip by, unnoticed. A single month’s Box could include:

Just imagine your loved one receiving the box on the porch each month and opening it up to discover its contents. How fun!

Discreetly Packaged

Is your friend a little sensitive about bariatric surgery? That is common, so we ship out the Box of the Month in discreet packaging so there is no chance of embarrassment. It’s like a hidden weight loss secret!

How to Sign Up

It only takes a minute to give the Box of the Month as a gift. Just go to the “Box” page on our website; you can get there from any page. Select the length subscription you want to purchase, with longer subscriptions having benefits such as being less expensive per month. Then click on “Join the Club.” Fill out the requested information and you’re all set! Your loved one can start receiving the Box within days or weeks!

It is the season to think of others and help them achieve their goals while showing them how much you care. Giving a gift of a subscription to the BariatricPal Box of the Month can do just that, and it is available now.

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