Built Bar New Products

Built Bar New Products

Alex Brecher

Is this yet another protein bar? It sure is! And this is one you do not want to miss. It tastes great, is made with real ingredients, and is designed to fill you up while keeping you on track with your weight loss. This is what you should know about Built Bars!

Whey Protein

Built Bars are made with whey protein. It is one of the highest-quality sources of protein. It comes from milk, but it does not have allergens or lactose. That is an advantage over milk-based sources such as casein. Each Built Bar has 17 to 18 grams of protein.

It comes in a diet-friendly package with only 130 calories. That makes them perfect for a snack anytime. They are low in fat and have only 4 grams of sugar.

And are you concerned about satisfying hunger? Along with the good dose of protein, Built Bars have 6 to 7 grams of dietary fiber. Fiber helps prevent blood sugar spikes and drops. More stable blood sugar can reduce sudden hunger and cravings for sugar and starch. That can lead to better weight loss!

Unbelievably Delicious Flavors

Built Bars all have real dark chocolate as their foundation. After that, it’s up to you to choose the flavor combo you love! These are the options.

  • Double Chocolate, with dark chocolate and cocoa.
  • Mint Brownie, with mint and chocolate frosting layers over a thick brownie.
  • Orange, with natural orange flavor and real chocolate.
  • Cherry Barcia, with dark chocolate and antioxidant-rich tart cherries.
  • Grasshopper Cookie, with dark chocolate, cookie pieces, and peppermint.
  • Rocky Road, with marshmallows and almonds and a chocolate foundation.
  • Toffee Almond, with sweet toffee and crunchy almonds.
  • Cookies ‘N Cream, with real cookies and creamy taste in a chocolate bar.
  • Coconut, for those who love shredded coconut.
  • Peanut Butter Brownie, with perfectly craveable taste and texture.
  • Raspberry, with raspberry flavor to complement dark chocolate.
  • Coconut Almond, with coconut, almonds, and chocolate, just like the candy bar.
  • Salted Caramel, with sweet, salty, and chocolatey tastes to satisfy top cravings.

Is it too hard to decide? No kidding! Taste them all in the Variety Pack!

Anytime Snack

Since they are so convenient to carry, you can take them anywhere. Have one at home for a quick snack before heading out the door, or keep some in your car, at work, or in your gym bag. They are fine on their own. Or you can pair them with another healthy food for a more substantial snack. For example, you can have them with string cheese, a few nuts, some yogurt, or a piece of fruit. Either way, you will be getting fiber and protein.

Whatever flavor you are craving, Built Bars can satisfy, while satisfying hunger, too. They give a burst of protein and fiber in a convenient package to make weight loss fun and easier. That’s our goal, so be sure to check out all our weight loss helpers! You might make some new best buddies in weight loss.

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