Chocolate Cereal for Satisfying Weight Loss

Chocolate Cereal for Satisfying Weight Loss

Alex Brecher

Following a bariatric surgery or any weight loss diet can be challenging for so many reasons. It can leave you feeling hungry, cut out your favorite foods or flavors, or be too hard to prepare when you have limited time. 

Enter BariatricPal Chocolate Protein Cereal. It just may be what you need for that extra help sticking to your diet. Here is why.


A serving of regular chocolate puff cereal has 31 grams of carbohydrates, 13 grams of sugar, and 1 measly gram of protein. That set of nutritional stats is not likely to keep you full through the morning, and that sugar high and low may leave you starving and seeking more carbs and sugar.

Each serving of Chocolate Protein Cereal has only 4 grams of net carbs and 0 grams of sugar, while it contains 15 grams of protein. Way to start your day with a slow-digesting, hunger-suppressing duo of protein and fiber! It also has 15% of the daily value for iron. Possibly best of all, Chocolate Protein Cereal comes in single-serving bags for portion control, so there is no need to eat the whole box of cereal!

Instant Power Breakfast

Chocolate Protein Cereal is ready to eat on its own right from the bag, or you can up the satiety and nutritional value of your breakfast by eating it with other nutrient powerhouses. Stir it into yogurt or cottage cheese, for example, and you will get a double dose of protein, and consider adding nuts or seeds for more protein and healthy fat, or fruit for fiber and antioxidants.

Heavenly Snacking

Be honest. How would you feel about having chocolate available as a healthy snack whenever you wanted, guilt-free? Chocolate Protein Cereal makes it possible. Grab a bag for a high-protein, 110-calorie snack, anywhere you need one. You could pair it with a cheese stick or make your own snack mix with nuts and Protein Pretzels.

Guilt-Free Dessert

Even model dieters crave dessert sometimes, especially chocolate. Chocolate Protein Cereal lets you indulge that sweet tooth and chocolate craving, without making you regret those few minutes of pleasure. You can mix it with a combination of peanut butter, sugar-free powdered sugar substitute, almond flour, and vanilla to make chocolate peanut butter bars, or try crumbling the cereal as a topping for Protein Pudding or base for a low-carb chocolate pie crust that you can fill with sugar-free cheesecake pudding. You can even crush Chocolate Protein Cereal and roll a banana in it.

Chocolate Protein Cereal comes in 7-serving boxes and is eligible for a 15% discount when you set up a recurring delivery so you never run out! Come by The BariatricPal Store to see what other protein cereal and other breakfast, snack, and dessert options we have to make your diet easier and more delicious.
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