Diabetes-Friendly Snacks and Desserts

Diabetes-Friendly Snacks and Desserts

Alex Brecher

If you have diabetes, snacks can play a critical role in helping keep blood sugar levels stable. Snacking not only has this health and safety benefit but also can be a trick to keep hunger down and help with weight loss. The trouble is, the right snacks are hard to find, and the wrong ones can have the opposite effects.

Some of the worst foods to choose for snacks if you have diabetes are those that are high in sugar, starch, and unhealthy fats. Unfortunately, those can be the most common and most tempting snacks! The BariatricPal has plenty of better choices, though, with an entire assortment of sugar-free, low-carb, and low-fat snacks. Take a look!

What to Look for in Diabetes-Friendly Snacks

Protein should be part of most snacks if you have diabetes, since it helps keep blood sugar levels stable and prevents them from spiking much. Also, snacks should not have excessive sugar or total carbs, since they cause blood sugar to spike quickly and later to fall to possibly dangerous levels. Fried foods are also a problem since they can interfere with insulin action.

However, standard snack foods are the opposite! Potato and tortilla chips are starchy and fried, and pretzels and crackers are full of refined starch. Cookies, snack cakes, and candy are sugary and not very filling, and the list goes on, until you turn to diabetes-friendly snacks!

High-Protein Crunchy Snacks

Protein Chips, Protein Pretzels, Protein Puffs may top the list of revamped snacks to try. They are low in carbs compared to standard varieties, but they have full crunchiness and taste. Flavors are classic, including Ranch, BBQ, Sea Salt and Vinegar, and Jalapeno. Protein Snack Mixes, Cheese Crisps, and Bean Snacks are more crunchy, low-carb choices.

Healthy Dips and Spreads

What are you going to do with those high-protein chips? Dip them! Creamy dips can have a lot of saturated fat, but smarter dips such as Brami Hummus are made with heart-healthy olive oil instead. Walden Farms Calorie Free Dips and Spreads offer more options for guilt-free snacking with diabetes.

Sugar-Free Cookies and Other Sweets

Giving up sugar can be one of the biggest sacrifices with diabetes, but there’s no need to make that sacrifice when you shop our low-carb desserts. These are just some of the options.

Protein Bars

Protein Bars can meet so many needs! They come in small and large sizes so they are appropriate for any size snack or for meal replacements, and flavors are limitless. Whether in the mood for chocolate, vanilla, lemon, pretzel, caramel, almond, or even salmon as a flavor, there is a protein bar for you.

Good snacks can help you stay on track with weight loss and blood sugar control when you have diabetes, and we have plenty of them! Many are available in single-serve packages to help with portion control, and all of them are great-tasting! These treats can be the boost you need to stay on track with diabetes management and weight loss.

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