Parm Crisps

Parm Crisps

Alex Brecher

A great-tasting, easy snack can be hard to find if you are also putting weight loss at the top of your priority list. However, the mission may be accomplished as soon as you try ParmCrisps. They come in Cheese Crisps and MiniCrisps, as well as delightful Snack Mixes.

Low-Carb Bliss

Snacks are back to being guilt-free with ParmCrisps Cheese Crisps and Snack Mixes. Cheese Crisps and Mini ParmCrisps are naturally carb-free and free from trans fats and frying oils. Each serving has 9 grams of protein - the amount in 2 egg whites - and as much calcium as in a glass of milk. Each serving has 80 calories.

ParmCrisps Snack Mixes have 170 calories and 10 grams of protein per serving, with only 3 grams of net carbs and 2 grams of dietary fiber. Protein and fiber are filling nutrients and perfect for reducing hunger between meals. These great snacks are gluten-free, keto-friendly, and vegetarian, so why would you hesitate?

Pure Cheese and Flavor

Cheese Crisps and MiniCrisps come in a variety of classic chip flavors, and they may taste even better when you know they have none of the 15 to 30 grams of carbs found in typical crunchy snacks such as potato chips and pretzels. They are great on their own, or you can dip them, like crackers, into hummus, guacamole, salsa, or any other low-carb dip.

Cheese Crisps come in Original, Everything, Rosemary, Italian Herb, Basil Pesto, Four Cheese, and Roasted Garlic flavors. Mini ParmCrisps come in Original, Jalapeno, Sesame, Pizza, Cheddar, and Sour Cream and Onion. Cheese Crisps also come in a Variety Pack.

Keto-Friendly Cheesy Snack Mixes

Party mixes and snack mixes can be so tempting and yet so high in carbs. They may depend on starchy ingredients such as pretzels, crackers, and cereal for their crunch, leaving you with a high-carb, waistline-expanding snack. That will not leave you feeling so good!

ParmCrisps Keto-Friendly Snack Mixes skip those carb-laden ingredients, and instead get crunch from naturally low-carb, nutrient-rich foods. Ingredients besides real cheese include almonds, cashews, pistachio nuts, and natural flavors. Flavors include Original, Smoky Barbecue, and Ranch, and they are available in a Variety Pack with all three flavors.

Stocking Up for Anytime Snacking

ParmCrisps Cheese Crisps come in packages with 6 servings each. Mini ParmCrisps have 3 servings in each bag. You can buy Cheese Crisps and Mini ParmCrisps in single bags or in 3-bag packs. Each bag of Protein Snack Mix has 6 servings, and the bags are available in single, 3, or 6-bag packs. Since they are shelf-stable, you can take them anywhere for a handy snack.

It is nearly impossible to overestimate the value of a perfect snack, as it can keep you on track with weight loss while keeping you satisfied. The BariatricPal Store is confident that ParmCrisps Cheese Crisps, Mini ParmCrisps, and Protein Snack Mixes can fulfill that role for you, and we have tons more snacks in stock for you to try whenever you are ready to get serious about weight loss!

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