Easier Hydration for Health and Weight Loss

Easier Hydration for Health and Weight Loss

Alex Brecher

Here’s a question for you: What raises metabolism, increases energy, and is calorie-free? What staves off headaches and fights fatigue? What is available for free, but is under-consumed?

The answer, of course, is water. Most people could benefit from drinking more water, but could use a little help. The Increment Bottle-Flip Cap is one tool from The BariatricPal Store that can help you hit your daily fluid goals.

Easy Use and Tracking

The Increment Bottle-Flip Cap is designed to make your hydration goals easier to reach. It has a flip-top cap that is easy to open and drink from. The side of the bottle is marked with the time of day on it so you know how you are doing with your hydration goals. As you drink, you can easily see the encouraging messages and refill reminder.

Hit Your Fluid Goals

The Increment Bottle-Flip Cap has a capacity of 25.4 oz. Fill it up 3 or more times per day, and you can get well over the recommended minimum of 64 oz. of fluids that you need to stay healthy and reduce hunger. Occasions when you might make a habit of filling your bottle up include:

  • Before breakfast.
  • When you get to work.
  • After lunch.
  • Before working out.
  • Before going home for the evening.

Water and Other Fluids

Water works, but so do other low-calorie beverages, such as unsweetened iced tea, flavored waters, and water with lemon or lime wedges. The Increment Bottle-Flip Cap is safe for hot beverages, such as tea and coffee. Just be sure to choose decaf coffee and tea, and low-acid coffee, if you are getting over bariatric surgery.

Non-Toxic and Hygienic

Each Increment Bottle-Flip Cap is free from toxic chemicals such as BPA. It is made from strong Tritan material to protect against damage, and it is safe in the dishwasher. The top easily comes off so you can be sure to get it clean.

Show Your Style

Choose your favorite color, or get an assortment. The Increment Bottle-Flip Cap comes in green, red, pink, purple, and blue. Show your personality, flaunt your style, or match your mood with whatever color suits your fancy.

Sometimes an easy choice can help you with your health and weight loss efforts. In this case, a friendly water bottle can do the trick. Give it a try!

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