G Hughes’ Sugar Free Sauces for Great-Tasting Weight Loss

G Hughes’ Sugar Free Sauces for Great-Tasting Weight Loss

Alex Brecher

Are you tired of the same old chicken breast and broccoli every night? Do you wish salads could be tasty without being loaded with calories? G Hughes’ Sugar-Free Sauces make tasty eating easy while you lose weight.

They are entirely sugar-free, and are designed to be diabetic and keto-friendly due to their low carb counts. They are also gluten-free, and made with such quality ingredients as bell peppers, hot peppers, real spices, onion and garlic powder, apple cider vinegar, mustard, and olive oil.

Why Convenient Products Can Help with Weight Loss

How much time are you willing and able to spend preparing your food? Chances are, time is in short supply and it is not an option to make every meal at home and have it turn out interesting and delicious. Some alternatives are:

  • Ordering in from or eating out at restaurants - a habit linked to weight gain because of unhealthy ingredients and oversized portions.
  • Saving time and effort by sticking to plain foods, such as chicken breast, ground turkey, and steamed vegetables - not likely to be sustainable for long-term weight loss because it gets so boring.
  • Using ready-to-use, flavorful sauces, dressings, and condiments, such as G Hughes’ Sugar-Free Sauces to add flavor and variety without adding sugar or taking extra time in the kitchen - a sustainable way to prevent boredom and eat delicious food.

G Hughes’ Sugar-Free Sauces for Meat and Vegetables

Are you ready for some good, hearty food without guilt? G Hughes’ Sugar-Free Sauces make it possible. They include the following.

If you need a snack, G Hughes’ Sugar-Free Dipping Sauces in Sweet Chili and Honey Mustard pair beautifully with any raw vegetables, cooked chicken or shrimp, or Protein Crisps.

These condiments and sauces have only 5 to 20 calories per serving, and less than 2 grams of fat.

G Hughes’ Sugar-Free Salad Dressings

Do you know how many calories salad dressing can add? Maybe you yourself have accidentally eaten what you thought was a diet-friendly salad before realizing that it had hundreds of calories from a sugary or fatty dressing. No more!

You do not need to skip the dressing. Instead, G Hughes’ Sugar-Free Salad Dressings can dress up anything from the simplest bowl of lettuce to a more complex gourmet salad. These are the flavors.

  • Balsamic Vinaigrette - works with anything.
  • Honey Dijon - great with chicken or tofu on a bed of romaine.
  • Raspberry - seems made for a spinach salad with chicken breast, red onions, and tomatoes.
  • Sweet Vinaigrette - complements a kale salad with walnuts and strawberries.
  • Asian Miso - excellent with a grilled salmon salad with spring greens and roasted soybeans.
  • Italian - perfect for a Protein Pasta salad with feta, cucumbers, and tomatoes.

They are all sugar-free and have 60 calories per serving.

Say good-bye to boring meats and veggies, tasteless salads, and boring diets. G Hughes’ Sugar-Free Sauces make it easy to add flavor and variety to your food without missing a beat in your weight loss routine. The BariatricPal Store has tons of other tasty meal helpers, so check the aisles when you stop by!

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