Getting Back on Track with the Pouch Reset Diet

Getting Back on Track with the Pouch Reset Diet

Alex Brecher

By mid-February, any progress in weight loss can feel like it’s slipping away. The past couple months included the holidays, the Big Game in the NFL, and Valentine’s Day. Needless to say, there may have been a lot of food around for weeks or months on end. 

If you’re feeling like it’s been a while since things have gone right with your diet and weight loss, and you’re not sure how to get back on track, you might want to consider a Pouch Reset Diet. The plan is designed to help ease you back into your healthy eating routine, make your pouch feel as restrictive as it was after surgery, and get you back to losing weight.

What’s a Pouch Reset Diet?

A Pouch Reset Diet is designed to help you get back to where you were after weight loss surgery. That includes eating the way your surgeon or nutritionist taught you, with protein first and small portions, for example. It also includes learning to feel fullness again so that your pouch helps restrict your intake the way it was intended to do. 

There are many versions of a pouch reset diet. They take you from the very beginning, a liquid diet, up to the solid foods diet that you start eating weeks or months after surgery. The important thing is that you follow the plan and pay attention to how you feel.

2-Week Pouch Reset Diet

The 2-Week Pouch Reset Diet goes from clear liquids to solid foods.

Each phase includes the foods that were allowed during the previous phase.

48-Hour Pouch Reset Diet

The 48-Hour Pouch Reset Diet includes clear and high-protein liquids until dinner on Day 2.

Tips for a Pouch Reset Diet

Whichever Pouch Reset Diet plan you choose, there are some tips that can help you get on track with your diet and weight loss.

  • Drink plenty of water and other low-calorie fluids.
  • Talk to your doctor before starting it.
  • Drink or eat slowly, chew well, and notice hunger and fullness.

A Pouch Reset Diet and easy, convenient, and great-tasting products from The BariatricPal Store can help you get back on track quickly!

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