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Eat Clean with JiMMY! Bars

Eat Clean with JiMMY! Bars 0

Protein bars are one of the best snacks and meal replacement ideas after bariatric surgery. They provide a quick source of protein to help you stay on track with your protein goals for the day. I am always looking for more protein bars to try and I was extremely excited to try the JiMMY! Bars.

Before trying the bars, I reviewed the nutritional information and was pleasantly surprised to see how clean these bars are. The ingredient list is small, which means there is not a lot of added junk to the bars. They are all low sugar, high protein and are absolutely delicious!

I tried a few of the flavors and was highly impressed. The crispy consistency of the bars are very chewy and the flavors are very strong. The unique flavors are great because you can switch it up and not get tired of the bars.

They even have bars that aim to help certain things. For example, the JiMMY! Beauty White Chocolate Berry Bliss bar has a collagen boost to it which can help promote hair, skin and nail health. This one reminded me a lot of a fig and the consistency was a little different than the other flavors.

The Eye of the Tiger has 25g of protein and is focused on having more energy and recovering after workouts, including helping with muscle inflammation. The taste of this one has a strong peanut butter flavor and is a great source of protein after an intense workout.

Woke AF is in the cookies and cream flavor and it is known to give you energy and to help you feel awake in the morning. It includes caffeine from Guarana which is a natural caffeine plant. It also includes Omega 3 and MCT oils. Omega 3 oil may promote brain cell development and MCT oil may impact mental focus and performance. This is a great bar to have on hand, especially if you struggle to have energy in the morning.

All of the bars have an amazing flavor and are full of so much nutrition. As a weight loss surgery patient, you can’t go wrong with these bars!

Try yours today and use KIMH15 for 15% off your order!

Healthy Version of 100 Grand Candy Bars

Healthy Version of 100 Grand Candy Bars 1

Do you love the 100 grand candy bars? Me too! Unfortunately, as bariatric patients, candy should be off limits. Sugar is detrimental for weight loss surgery patients and things such as candy bars provide no nutritional value for us. We should be nourishing our bodies with high protein, low sugar foods. I am happy to report I have found a healthy version of the 100 grand candy!
Snack Idea after Bariatric Surgery: Chocolate & Caramel Protein Granola

Snack Idea after Bariatric Surgery: Chocolate & Caramel Protein Granola 0

I am a snack person! This is not always the best thing after weight loss surgery because it can be easy for us to get off track. I am constantly looking for snacks that won’t break me. I work a lot which means I am not always the best about eating nutritious meals. It is important for me that I find foods that I can easily take on the go that will help me hit my goals for the day.
Avoid These Pitfalls in Your Weight Loss Salads

Avoid These Pitfalls in Your Weight Loss Salads 0


Salads are the quintessential weight loss food, but they can do serious damage to your waistline if you are eating the wrong kinds. A restaurant salad can have over 1,000 calories and so many fat and carb grams that you might as well have ordered the ribs and mashed potatoes. Despite your best intentions, even a homemade salad can do damage. Here are some pitfalls to watch for as you build your perfect weight loss salad.

Pitfall: Dressing

You probably know intuitively that dressing can be bad, but do you exactly how bad? The stats may shock you. They can add up to 400 calories and 40 grams of fat to your meal. You might as well drink a cup of heavy cream – yuck!

You do not need to douse your salad in fat to make it flavorful. Try the age-old strategy of getting dressing on the side and dipping your fork in it before spearing your next bite of salad. You can also use reduced-calorie, full-flavor Salad Dressings to keep yourself on track. They have one serving per package, so you can squeeze the whole thing onto your salad guilt-free. Plus, they travel well, so you can take them in your sack lunch or to any restaurant.

Pitfall: Starchy

You already know that pasta and potato salad deliver enough carbs to get you through an afternoon or even a day, but what about that innocent-looking green salad? Opting for a salad instead of a burrito or sandwich is a good start, but it is not a guarantee of a low-carb meal. Watch out for common sneaky and not-so-sneaky starches in your salad.

  • Croutons
  • Tostadas and tortilla chips
  • Chow mein noodles

For a satisfying extra crunch, opt for something a little healthier, such as seeds, nuts, diced apples, or even kale chips. You can also crumble Protein Chips or Protein Rusks in a variety of flavors to match almost any salad.

Pitfall: No Protein

The rules do not change when you base your meal around greens. Protein is still an essential nutrient that satisfies hunger for longer. Skip your protein in an effort to minimize calories, and you may be looking at a rumbling stomach and mid-afternoon snack attack. Not just any old protein will do, though. Keep it lean and mean. Here are a few great additions.

  • Edamame or green soybeans
  • Chickpeas or other beans
  • Hardboiled eggs or egg whites
  • Diced chicken breast
  • Tuna or salmon
  • Low-fat cheese

Pitfall: Boring!

A blah salad today may lead to a pizza lunch tomorrow. Keep those salads appealing by changing them up from the bottom up. Rotate a variety of greens, such as spinach, lettuces, arugula, and spring greens; sample raw veggies from traditional cucumbers and tomatoes to less common fennel and beets; then top it off with proteins that include flavorful cheeses or marinated chicken, fish, or tofu. You never need to have the same salad twice, unless you want to!

You can make your meal more exciting and satisfying by pairing your salad with a healthy mate. In just a few minutes, you can serve your salad with a bowl of Protein Soup, a cup of Protein Chili, or a slice of Protein Brown Bread with 2 tablespoons of hummus. You will be adding no more than 100 calories to your salad.

Keep those salads in your diet, because they can be worth it for health and weight loss. Just be sure your salads are working for you with these easy tips!

Fiber: Your Key to Weight Loss? 0

What if there were a nutrient that helped keep you full, guided you to making better food choices, and made weight loss easier? Well…there is! Fiber is a carbohydrate, but it’s different than other carbs. Your body doesn’t digest it, and that’s why it has all kinds of benefits for weight loss and health. Here’s how fiber can help you lose weight, and where you can get it.

An Underestimated Weight Loss Nutrient

Sometime it seems as though protein gets all the attention. Granted, it’s important: it helps keep you full and supports your metabolism. But fiber should also get some credit. People who eat more fiber tend to have lower body weights. It’s no accident. Fiber is in filling foods. Plus, it helps keep blood sugar levels stable to help prevent sharp drops in blood sugar, along with carb cravings and sudden feelings of hunger.

Other Health Benefits

Fiber helps you lose weight, and losing weight can lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and risk for diabetes. Fiber also has direct health effects. It can lower your cholesterol levels by blocking absorption of cholesterol from your diet. It can also stabilize blood sugar levels.

Best Dietary Sources

The simple strategy of pairing a protein with a vegetable or fruit at each meal and snack, and sprinkling in the occasional servings of healthy starches and fats, can help you hit your fiber goals. That’s because you can find dietary fiber in all kinds of healthy plant-based foods.

  • Vegetables, such as broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, and eggplant.
  • Fruit, such as berries, apples, pears, cantaloupe, and oranges.
  • Peanuts and nuts, such as almonds, Brazil nuts, and pistachios.
  • Legumes, such as kidney, black, pinto, and garbanzo beans, green and yellow split peas, and lentils.
  • Whole grains, such as whole grain pasta and bread, brown rice, popcorn, and whole grain breakfast cereal.
  • Starchy vegetables, such as sweet potatoes and winter squash.

When you look at the best dietary sources of fiber, you can see that they’re also some of the most nutritious foods you can choose. For example, along with fiber, nuts provide protein and healthy fats. Fruits and vegetables provide antioxidant vitamins such as vitamins A and C, and beans are rich in protein, iron, and the blood pressure-lowering mineral potassium. Whole grains may be high in carbs, but they’re good to include in moderation because of their B vitamins and antioxidants.

Great-Tasting Supplements

The average American falls far short of the recommendations for fiber, and you may find yourself in the same boat, especially if you’re watching calories and cutting back your portions to lose weight. The BariatricPal Store can help you hit those fiber goals, though, with fiber supplements that fit into your lifestyle. For example…

If you are going to think about one nutrient after protein, you might want to put your attention on fiber. It can help satisfy you, help you lose weight, and even improve your health in countless ways. Plenty of healthy foods have fiber, and you can always opt for great-tasting and convenient supplements that are bars or drinks.

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