Hank’s Protein Plus Spreads for Delicious Weight Loss

Hank’s Protein Plus Spreads for Delicious Weight Loss

Alex Brecher

A boost of protein, a blend of superfoods, great taste, and pure convenience are alway welcome, but it is rare to find them in the same package. Hank’s Protein Plus Spreads have all of those benefits, and more. They may become your new best buddy in weight loss.

Packed with Protein and Goodness

Hank’s Protein Plus Spreads have about 50% more protein than regular peanut butter or almond butter. A two-tablespoon serving has 10 to 11 grams of protein, including from high-quality whey protein or pea, rice, and hemp protein. Each serving has 2 grams of filling fiber, only 4 to 8 grams of carbohydrates, and tons of heart-healthy fats. They contain flaxseed, which provides fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. 

Delicious Flavors with Peanut and Almonds

Hank’s Protein Plus Spreads come with peanut or almond butter. They are okay for low-carb diets, and these flavors are keto-friendly. 

Other Peanut Butter-based flavors are:

Other Almond Butter-based flavors are:

Diet-Friendly Tips for Any Diet

Hank’s Protein Plus Spreads are so versatile that you can use them on almost any kind of weight loss or healthy diet on their own or with other foods. Extra protein in a delicious and convenient form is always welcome!

After bariatric surgery, they can be part of the post-op diet progression starting with the pureed or mushy foods stage. For example, you can blend them into thin, hot oatmeal or rice cereal to add protein and flavor. Hank’s Protein Plus Spreads can stay on your meal plan, as you progress to the Semi-Solid and Solid Foods stages. 

These are some more ideas for using Hank’s Protein Plus Spreads

  • Almond spreads on sweet potato slices and topped with sliced strawberries (paleo).
  • Mixed into Protein Oatmeal or regular oatmeal, fruit optional.
  • Spread on brown rice cakes or Proti Snax Protein Bread
  • Mixed with sliced bananas for a post-workout snack to refuel and replenish.
  • With apple or pear slices for a snack.
  • With Protein Pretzels and celery sticks for lunch.
  • Spread on a Protein Cookie for a decadent-tasting dessert that is low in sugar.

These spreads come in completely convenient packages with only two servings. They are perfectly portable and require no refrigeration before opening. They even come with a spoon so you can enjoy them anywhere on the fly. You can purchase them in single packs, three-packs, or six-packs.

A boost of protein may turn into love at first bite when you try Hank’s Protein Plus Spreads. Go ahead, try them all to find your favorite, and keep browsing the store since it is packed with delicious products to help you hit your goals.

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