Healthier Halloween Treats

Healthier Halloween Treats

Alex Brecher

Halloween time can be challenging after bariatric surgery. Candy seems to be everywhere, tempting you to go off your diet or threatening to give you an upset stomach or dumping syndrome. The BariatricPal Store has all kinds of lower-sugar, healthier Halloween treats to try so you can enjoy the Halloween season without feeling deprived or guilty.

Sugar-Free Chocolate Bars and Truffles

You are in luck if you love chocolate. Our supply of Sugar-Free Chocolate includes Milk, Dark, with Almonds, and Chocolate Crisp, to name a few. We also have Quest Peanut Butter Cups with 11 grams of protein, Keto Bombs Chocolate Pecan Clusters, Crispy Caramels, and Peanut Butter Cup Patties, and similar flavors by ChocoRite.

If you are looking for something more substantial in your chocolate snack, Protein Bars come in all kinds of candy bar-inspired flavors. Examples include Rockie Road, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Salted Toffee Pretzel, and Caramel Sea Salt. You will not be lacking chocolate treats this year!

Sugar-Free Hard Candies

While most kids don’t dive first for the hard candies in their trick-or-treating basket, grown-ups know that hard candies have their own value. They last longer and let you keep something in your mouth for a long time. 

Sugar-Free Hard Candies come in all kinds of flavors, such as Fruit, Coffee, Root Beer, Butterscotch, and Lemon. They come in regular and drop-sized versions, and we even offer Zolli Drops, which are good for teeth because they have xylitol.

Sugar-Free Marshmallows

Marshmallows can be special at Halloween because you can turn them into ghosts when you do crafts. Sugar-Free Marshmallows let you enjoy those ghosts without guilt. They come in flavors such as Burnt Caramel, Cinnamon Toast, Classic Vanilla, Golden Milk, Lightning Vanilla, and Mint Chip.

Cheddar Cheese Dip

Whether entertaining kids, your family, or a crowd, placing a cheesy dip in a cauliflower “brain” can wow them all. Just remove the stem and leave the cauliflower “skull” intact. Fill it with BariatricPal High Protein Cheddar Cheese Dip, and watch the crowd go wild.

Serve your brain centerpiece with raw veggies for a fresh, healthy treat, or look around our aisles for high-protein, low-carb choices for dipping. Along with Protein Pretzels, you can try Protein Potato Chips, Cheese Crisps, and Bean Crisps.

Pretzel Sticks

Pretzel sticks are among the most versatile ingredients you can have when making cute Halloween treats. They can be legs of a spider with a Sugar-Free Chocolate Truffle body, or the handle of a broom with a split string cheese stick for the bristles. 

Kay’s Protein Pretzel Sticks are perfect for making Halloween crafts without adding excessive starch like in regular pretzels. They are gluten-free and have 11 grams of protein per serving. They come in Original, Cinnamon Toast, and Jalapeno Honey Mustard flavors.

Halloween can be a fun, delicious, and healthy holiday this year when you have the right treats on hand. The BariatricPal Store has the sweet and savory foods you can use to get into the holiday spirit without going off of your diet.

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