How to Reward Yourself After Bariatric Surgery without Using Food

How to Reward Yourself After Bariatric Surgery without Using Food

Alex Brecher

Losing weight after bariatric surgery takes a lot of commitment. You will probably need a lot of tricks to stay motivated. One way to help yourself stay motivated is to reward yourself.

Before surgery, many bariatric patients use food to reward themselves. Have you ever gone out to dinner, bought yourself a special coffee drink, or gone out for ice cream to celebrate a milestone, such as a raise at work or some sort of job well done?

After weight loss surgery, it’s best not to use food as a reward. That can throw you off your diet. But there are tons of other ways to reward yourself that don’t involve food. These are some ways to celebrate, motivate yourself, and reward yourself while keeping the focus off of food, and on some other great parts of life.

Try a New Activity

This is a direct way to celebrate your new body and abilities. When you’re smaller and fitter, doors open for you. These are some examples of possibilities.

  • Going to a movie if you couldn’t fit in theater seats before.
  • Signing up for a circus, kickboxing, or other fun fitness class that was out of your zone before.
  • Taking a trip on an airplane if you couldn’t fit into the seats.

Better yet, invite someone with you as you go on your fun activity. 

Save Money

If you have a major purchase in mind, such as a cruise or another vacation, you can decide to set aside extra money for that purchase every time you want to reward yourself. Keep being diligent and motivated, and that money may add up faster than you expected.

Buy a Toy

A grown-up toy, most likely, is most appropriate. That may be a new kitchen gadget, some new couch cushions, or a magazine. Whatever makes you happy is a good reward for a job well done.

Buy New Clothes

If you’re smaller and fitter, why not celebrate these changes in your body by buying some cute clothes that make you feel good? Or, if you prefer, buy some workout clothes or shoes that feel nice. They can motivate you to keep working out in style. 

Pamper Yourself

You worked hard, so pamper yourself. Do it at home by buying a nice soap, shampoo, or aromatherapy product, for example. Or go for a spa day or massage for a bigger reward and entire experience. The point is, you earned it!

When should you reward yourself? You can make a pre-set time when it’s good to be rewarded, such as if you hit a certain weight loss goal, or if you achieve another goal such as eating at least one serving of vegetables every day for a month.

Or, you can reward yourself spontaneously when there’s something to celebrate. You know how well you’re doing and whether you’re on the right track. Reward yourself when it’s time, and keep up the good work so you hit your goals and keep getting rewards.

Rewarding yourself after weight loss