Keto Protein Shakes by OvaEasy

Keto Protein Shakes by OvaEasy

Alex Brecher

A protein shake can help you stay on your diet, and Keto Protein Shakes by OvaEasy can be especially helpful. They are rich in fat and protein, and have only 4 grams of total carbohydrates. And with flavors like Dutch Chocolate and Vanilla Cake Batter, they may be irresistible! Here is what to know about Keto Protein Shakes by OvaEasy.

A Keto Fat Bomb Meal Replacement or Snack

It is not often that you find a protein shake with enough fat to be a meal replacement or snack on a high-fat keto diet, but Keto Protein Shakes by OvaEasy has quite a bit of fat. Each scoop has 18 grams of fat, and not just any fat. This fat is largely from sweet cream and MCT oil. Many people recognize these are desirable sources on a keto diet.

Each serving is 1 scoop. It has 220 calories. Keto Protein Shakes by OvaEasy are designed to be a meal replacement or large snack. Just add 1 scoop of protein shake mix to 6 to 8 ounces of water, and mix it well. That’s it! You can take it anywhere so that you always have a high-fat, high-protein, keto-friendly meal or snack on hand.

Great Taste

There’s no point in eating or drinking something that doesn’t taste good. And some people can’t make themselves choke down anything that’s not delicious.

Not a problem here. Keto Protein Shakes by OvaEasy may have you from the first sip. They taste fabulous, and you’d never guess they are free from added sugars. The flavors are:

  • Dutch Chocolate, with real cocoa powder and a rich, smooth chocolate experience.
  • Vanilla Cake Batter, with real cinnamon and pure vanilla flavor, and a creamy, classic taste.

Just the Right Amount of Protein

Some protein shakes go overboard with protein. The amount of protein they provide is way more than your body can use at once, so what’s the point? All it does is put more stress on your kidneys to metabolize it.

Keto Protein Shakes by OvaEasy have an amount of protein that your body can use. Each serving has 10 grams of protein. It comes from egg whites and whole eggs, which are among the world’s best natural sources of protein. 

An Innovative Process

Keto Protein Shakes by OvaEasy have protein from six egg whites. This protein is produced through a special freeze-drying technique that helps retain the nutrients. While outdated techniques may lose nutrients, our technique is top of the line. It involves low-temperature crystallization, and the difference is visible. You can see the difference in the shiny protein crystals in the mix.

If you are a fan of great taste, egg white protein, and convenience, Keto Protein Shakes by OvaEasy may be for you. Be sure to check out other OvaEasy products, such as Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Creme Brulee, and Unflavored OvaEasy Egg White protein, or OvaEasy Egg in a Cup in Sausage Seasoning, Mediterranean Frittata, and Sea Salt and Pepper flavors. The BariatricPal Store makes it easy to stay on a low-carb diet!

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