Lose Weight with Bacon Panko Breadcrumbs

Lose Weight with Bacon Panko Breadcrumbs

Alex Brecher

Do you struggle with needing to choose between the weight loss choice and the great-tasting choice? The BariatricPal Store does not think that is fair! That is why we offer foods such as Pork Panko Breadcrumbs. They are a carb-free ingredient made of nothing but irresistible pork skin and sea salt. See what favorite foods you can have, while staying on track with your diet, when you use Pork Panko Breadcrumbs in your recipes!

Low-Carb Breadcrumb Alternative

A 1-oz. serving of regular breadcrumbs has 22 grams of carbohydrates - quite a high number for something that is just a minor part of your meal! Pork Panko Breadcrumbs, instead, have 0 grams of carbs. They have 18 grams of carbs, 160 calories, and 10 grams of fat per ounce, and you can use them as you would use regular breadcrumbs.

From Fried to Fabulous

Pork Panko Breadcrumbs can help you turn carb-laden fried foods into veritable health foods that deliver just as much satisfaction. Use them instead of breadcrumbs for coating zucchini sticks, onion rings, cheese sticks, and avocado spears. Then bake instead of fry, and enjoy your nutrient-rich finger foods guilt-free. Baked “fried” chicken is another good choice.

Guilt-Free Comfort Food

Speaking of guilt-free, what would you give for some guilt-free comfort food? Pork Panko Breadcrumbs can make it happen! They can be your ticket to low-carb and delicious eggplant parmigiana and chicken parmigiana when you layer panko-coated eggplant or chicken pieces with tomato sauce and cheese. Or, if you are craving mac and cheese, try topping a mixture of Protein Pasta and cheese sauce with Pork Panko Breadcrumbs.

Top off Your Day

Pork Panko Breadcrumbs make a great casserole topper if you need crispy crunch atop tuna, broccoli and cheese, or southwest chicken casseroles, for starters. They also lend themselves well to breakfast casseroles with eggs, cheese, and spinach, mushrooms, and any other vegetables. You can also save on carbohydrates when you sprinkle Pork Panko Breadcrumbs instead of croutons or crispy noodles on salads and soups.

Pork Panko Breadcrumbs are available in a single pack with 3 servings or a 6-bag pack. If you love pork, you can also try Pork Cloud snacks in Cinnamon Ceylon, Rosemary Sea Salt, Garlic Thyme, Malabar Black Pepper, and Habanero Pepper. Losing weight is easier when you have great flavors and feel no sacrifices, and that is what we strive for at The BariatricPal Store.
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