Minimizing Hair Loss After Bariatric Surgery

Minimizing Hair Loss After Bariatric Surgery

Alex Brecher

It’s common to notice hair loss after bariatric surgery, and that’s frustrating! If you’re about to have weight loss surgery, or you recently did, there’s a good chance you’d be interested in trying to prevent hair loss. It’s not always possible to prevent it, but there are some steps you can take to minimize it.

Take Your Vitamins

There’s a reason most surgeons and nutritionists say to take vitamins and minerals for life. You need them! They’re necessary for energy production, immune function, metabolism, and so much more…including healthy hair. But sometimes it’s hard to get the right multivitamin.

BariatricPal Multivitamin ONE is a one-a-day multivitamin that is formulated according to ASMBS guidelines. It’s high in vitamins and minerals that are at high risk for bariatric patients. Examples include B vitamins, vitamin D, iron, zinc, and copper, to name just a few.

When you sign up for a year-long subscription that renews, it’s only $99 per year! Ask your doctor which may be best for you, and remember to take your calcium separately. 

Take More Nutrients for Hair

There are certain nutrients that are essential for hair, skin, and nails. The Biotin Plus Vitamin Patch for Hair, Skin, and Nails by PatchAid is formulated to contain a variety of nutrients that are often deficient in weight loss surgery patients. 

  • Biotin
  • Folic acid
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin C

Deficiencies of these nutrients can lead to symptoms such as low energy, scaly skin, and loss of hair. Vitamin Patches are easy to use and you don’t have to worry about whether you take them with food. Just be sure to ask your doctor before using any supplement.

Eat Protein with Every Meal

Protein should be the first thing you eat at each meal. It’s that important! You need it for strong immune function, and to maintain lean muscle mass and metabolism. You also need it for healthy hair! 

It’s best to choose lean protein sources, such as the following.

  • Low-fat cottage cheese.
  • Fish.
  • Skinless chicken breast.
  • Tofu.
  • Fat-free cheese.
  • Plain yogurt.

The goal might be to get at least 65 grams of protein per day.

Use Protein Supplements as Necessary

If you can’t meet your protein needs with food, you may need protein supplements to boost your intake. No worries here! The BariatricPal Store has tons of supplements that can help you get more protein anywhere, anytime. These are just a few examples.

These choices are convenient and delicious. You can find what you need for any stage of the post-op bariatric diet. There’s no need for protein deficiency to cause hair loss!

Getting the best nutrition is a great way to minimize your hair loss after bariatric surgery. Follow your surgeon’s instructions, and see what you can find at the BariatricPal Store to help you get the protein and other nutrients you need to stay healthy.

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