New Brand Alert: Artisana

New Brand Alert: Artisana

Alex Brecher

Get excited because we are about to introduce you to a new brand. It can go with any meal or snack and you can have it on its own, as part of a pair, or in recipes. The new brand alert is for Artisana Nut and Coconut Butters. Here’s the scoop on these diet-friendly, delicious spreads.

Real Food That You Can Feel Good About

Are you tired of diet products with artificial ingredients? Artisana Raw Butters are the opposite. Each variety has only one or two ingredients. Raw Coconut Butter has nothing but coconut. Raw Cashew Butter has only Cashews. And Raw Pecan Butter with Cashews and Raw Walnut Butter with Cashews have only cashew nuts and pecan or walnuts. They are completely free from added ingredients such as salt, sugar, or fillers. 

It gets better. These butters are made with only certified organic ingredients that are 100% non-GMO. They’re vegan, kosher, and are completely raw. Some people describe raw foods as being more alive because they haven’t been heated enough to denature the living enzymes in them.

Raw Nut Butters from Artisana

The BariatricPal Store has three types of Raw Nut Butters.

  • Raw Cashew Butter comes in a 14-ounce jar. Each serving has 180 calories and 6 grams of protein. 
  • Raw Pecan Butter with Cashews comes in an 8-ounce jar and is chunky. Each serving has 210 calories. Pecans are among the nuts with the highest content of healthy fats. 
  • Raw Walnut Butter with Cashews comes in an 8-ounce jar. Each serving has 200 calories and five grams of protein. Walnuts are sources of omega-3 fats. 

You may find yourself eating these Nuts Butters from Artisana right from the spoon, but they’re good for other uses, too. 

  • As a dessert mixed with apples or pear, cinnamon, and a low-calorie sweetener or sugar-free syrup.
  • As a dip for fresh, crunchy vegetables or apples.
  • In shakes with protein powder and other ingredients such as banana, yogurt, and greens.

Raw Coconut Butters

Raw Coconut Butter from Artisana is a delicious, keto-friendly choice. It  contains nothing but coconut and is naturally low in carbs. It has only 1 gram of net carbs, but it provides 3 grams of dietary fiber. Each serving has 105 calories, including 95 calories from fat.

You can use this naturally slightly sweet butter in smoothies, such as with orange, banana, and yogurt, or in a fruit dip with lime or lemon juice, ripe soft fruit such as melon or peach, and agave syrup. You can also try it in curries that are inspired by Thai or Indian flavors. Raw Coconut Butter from Artisana lends a creamy texture and rich flavor.

The BariatricPal Store is always looking for new products that can help you lose weight, hit your nutrition goals, and enjoy the entire journey. Artisana Raw Butters are examples of that. They’re low in sodium and sugar and they taste great. They’re easy to use at any meal or snack. They’re just one more product line that we’re proud to offer to help make your journey easier. 

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