New Brand: Joseph’s

New Brand: Joseph’s

Alex Brecher

When you are ready to sweeten your life while staying on your low-carb or low-glycemic weight loss diet, try Joseph’s Sugar-Free Maple Syrup and Maltitol Sweetener. They’re sugar-free, low in carbs and calories, and absolutely easy to use. Here’s what to know about them.

Sweeteners without Guilt

Joseph’s Maltitol Sweetener and Sugar-Free Maple Syrup are sweetened with maltitol, not sugar. They are gluten-free and safe for people with diabetes, and they are suitable for bariatric patients. 

Here’s just a sampling of what you can use them for.

  • Topping for Protein Pancakes or Keto Waffles
  • Sweetener in coffee, tea, or other beverages
  • Sweetener in Protein Oatmeal or Protein Cereal

You can even use them in cooking recipes, such as baked pork with maple glaze.

Joseph’s Products, Maltitol Sweetener, and Weight Loss

Joseph’s Maltitol Sweetener and Sugar-Free Maple Syrup are sweetened with maltitol, and have fewer calories than you might expect. That’s because maltitol is a type of carbohydrate called a sugar alcohol. Your body doesn’t digest sugar alcohols the same way it digests carbs such as sugars and starches. Instead, it digests them less thoroughly. That means you get fewer calories from sugar alcohols. Maltitol provides your body with 2 calories per gram. That’s about half the calories as the 4 calories per gram from sugars and starches. 

Using lower-calorie carbs, such as maltitol, can help you cut calories overall. This can shift your calorie balance closer to the weight loss side. When you choose Joseph’s Maltitol Sweetener, you get only 90 calories per 2-ounce serving. That’s the same count as in Sugar-Free Maple Syrup, and less than sugar-sweetened counterparts.

Maltitol as a Low-Glycemic Sweetener

The glycemic index of a food gives you information about how high and fast it spikes your blood sugar. A high glycemic index means that the food spikes your blood sugar fast and high - and that’s not healthy when it happens too often.

Maltitol is a low-glycemic sweetener. That means it doesn’t spike your blood sugar fast. That’s important if you have a condition, such as prediabetes or diabetes, in which your body has trouble regulating blood sugar. It may also be important even if you don’t have a chronic condition.

Other Effects of Maltitol

A benefit of maltitol as a sweetener is that it doesn’t promote tooth decay. Unlike sugar and honey, sugar alcohols, such as maltitol, are not consumed by bacteria in your mouth. Sugar alcohols are good choices, from a dental perspective, instead of sugar-sweetened foods. When you start your day with coffee sweetened with Joseph’s Maltitol Syrup or Maple Syrup, you won’t be putting your teeth at risk the way you would with sugar-sweetened syrups.

Another reason to consider maltitol as a sweetener is that it isn’t synthetic. It’s not an artificial sweetener, such as sucralose, aspartame, neotame, or acesulfame potassium. It doesn’t have the health concerns linked to it. 

Joseph’s Maltitol Sweetener and Sugar-Free Maple Syrup are delicious and low-carb choices to make your life sweeter. Now you can have sweetened coffee, tea, pancakes, and oatmeal whenever you like, without worrying about a blood sugar spike or so many calories or carbs. Joseph’s products are just another way the BariatricPal Store is working to help you reach your goals while loving your lifestyle.