New Brand Lily's Sweets

New Brand Lily's Sweets

Alex Brecher

Do you love chocolate, but not the sugar and carbs you normally get from chocolate treats? Get ready to experience chocolate like never before. It’s delicious, sugar-free, and guilt-free. Lily’s Sweets Chocolates are our newest chocolate delights. Here’s what you need to know about our product selection and how they can fit into a low-carb weight loss plan.

Keto Chocolate Treats and Bars

First up, what about some chocolate treats? They’re sweetened with stevia and have prebiotic fiber in them.

Here are the varieties of Lily’s Sweets chocolate treats.

  • Caramel Popcorn - With only 4 grams of net carbs, each of these bites of deliciousness has sweet caramel and crunchy popcorn. Choose from Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate.
  • Chocolate Covered Almonds - You can consider this a healthy snack with fiber, protein, and monounsaturated fats from almonds, and full satisfaction from the smooth chocolate coating. 
  • Bite-Size Peanut Butter Cups - What can we say besides, “yum?!” Salty peanut butter with a rich chocolate coating tastes even better when it has only 3 grams of net carbs. Choose from Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate.
  • Chocolate Covered Peanuts - It’s just like being at a party, but you don’t have to feel guilty or bloated from too much sugar afterwards.
  • Dark Chocolate Covered Caramels - What could be more decadent than smooth caramel covered with the best dark chocolate?

If you just want a chocolate bar, Lily’s Sweets has you covered. These are the No Sugar Added Bars.

Keto Baking Products

Do you love baking but can’t handle the carbs? Try Lily’s Sweets Baking Chips and Baking Bars in your recipes. These are the selection of Baking Chips - they’re suitable for any recipe or craving..

For recipes that call for baking chocolate, you can depend on Lily’s Sweets Baking Bars, such as the following. You can also melt these and use them for dipping fruit such as strawberries.

When you’re baking low-carb recipes, you’ll of course want to make sure that your other ingredients are low-carb. Ingredients such as almond flour, as well as Sugar-Substitutes such as monk fruit and stevia, can help. So can Low-Carb Baking Mixes, such as Brownies and Cakes.

Gummy Delights

Okay, it’s not all about the chocolate. What happens when you want a change of flavor or pace? Try Lily’s Sweets Gummies! They’re also sugar-free and totally satisfying. The entire bag has only 70 calories and is completely fat-free and sugar-free. 

Lily’s Sweets Gummy Bears are sweet and “bear-y” chewy. Each bag comes with four flavors: raspberry, strawberry, orange, and lemon. If you want something with a twist, try Lily’s Sweets Gummy Worms. They’re sour worms with apple-peach and lemon-raspberry combos in each bag.

Life is sweet, so celebrate it with sweets! Lily’s Sweets are totally guilt-free if you’re worried about sugar and carbs, and they’re totally delicious. Try the chocolate treats, baking chocolate, and gummy candies to add some sweetness to every day.

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