OvaEasy Eggs

OvaEasy Eggs

Alex Brecher

It is important to get enough protein when you are on a weight loss diet, and your protein sources need to be low-carb if you are on a keto or post-op bariatric surgery diet. It can often seem like there is a need to choose between getting enough protein and avoiding artificial foods. With OvaEasy Eggs, you can get enough protein with real foods!

All About Eggs

Eggs are the perfect protein, achieving the highest possible scores on measures such as the Protein Digestibility Score, Biological Value Scale, and Protein Efficiency Ratio Scale. They offer complete protein and are known as nature’s perfect food due to their vitamin D, iron, B vitamins, and most other nutrients. But there are some barriers!

Eggs may be perfect nutritionally, but they have a few problems when it comes to the real world. For example, they go off pretty quickly, and they need to be cooked before eating. When you are so busy and need so much protein, OvaEasy Eggs can help by overcoming these hurdles.

OvaEasy Eggs are shelf-stable because of a freeze-drying process that allows them to be pasteurized. The process is so gentle and at such a relatively low temperature that OvaEasy Eggs retain the natural goodness of the taste of fresh eggs.

Easy Breakfast or Later meal

Eggs may be the “go-to” breakfast theoretically, but do you always have time to create the perfect egg dish every morning? We are willing to bet that you do not. That is why OvaEasy Egg in a Cup can help. OvaEasy Egg in a Cup:

  • Is ready in seconds.
  • Can go anywhere with you.
  • Just needs water.

With OvaEasy Egg in a Cup, there is no need to shop for ingredients, chop vegetables, or cook breakfast sausage in order to have a hearty, hot breakfast. You do not even need to wash a frying pan! It comes in these flavors. 

Each OvaEasy Egg in a Cup breakfast contains the equivalent of two whole eggs. They come in single cups and 12-cup packs, as well as a Variety Pack with all three flavors. 

Quick Meal Replacement

OvaEasy Egg White Protein offers perfectly digestible egg white protein in three varieties.

Each bag has 20 2-scoop servings. The bags are also available in a Variety Pack so you can try them all and see which is your favorite.

Getting enough protein at the times of day when your body needs it can be challenging, but OvaEasy Eggs make it a cinch. Just make a shake or smoothie when you need a quick meal or snack replacement, or help yourself to Eggs in a Cup when you are ready for breakfast, a snack, or lunch or dinner. The BariatricPal Store is full of low-carb, high-protein, great-tasting products like OvaEasy Eggs, so be sure to check all of our products!