Rockit Snacks

Rockit Snacks

Alex Brecher

Snacks can help with weight loss in so many ways. At best, they reduce hunger between meals to prevent overeating at your next meal. They can satisfy cravings, so you are able to resist high-calorie foods that are not on your diet. They can provide protein and other nutrients to maintain metabolism after bariatric surgery and while on any weight loss diet.

An ideal snack does all of that, and more: it needs to be delicious and ready to eat. Enter Rockit Snacks Crunchy Coated Pumpkin Seeds. They meet all of those requirements, and more. Get ready to be blown away by these bariatric-friendly protein snacks!

Nutrition That is Far from Nutrition in Your Typical Salty Snack

Snacks may have potential to make your weight loss journey a success, but some snacks can have the opposite effect. Potato chips, tortilla chips, white crackers, pretzels, and cheese puffs are typical snacks that can hold you back from achieving weight loss goals. They are packed with starchy carbohydrates from sources such as potatoes, white flour, and potato or corn starch, and do not have much protein or dietary fiber to keep you full. They may even have trans fats from 

Instead, each serving of Rockit Snacks Crunchy Coated Pumpkin Seeds has 10 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber. They have a total of 3 grams of net carbohydrates, and their fat is from heart-healthy pumpkin seeds and avocado oil. Each bag contains 2 1-ounce servings.

Naturally Healthy Food Made Healthier

How did we take an already-healthy snack and boost its protein content? The secret is in the crunch! Rockit Snacks Crunchy Coated Pumpkin Seeds are coated with a high-protein blend that includes pumpkin seed protein and nutritional yeast. That means each crunchy piece is delivering an extra dose of protein.

Designed for Your Healthy Weight Loss Diet

Whatever the diet is, Rockit Snacks Crunchy Coated Pumpkin Seeds are likely to fit into it. They are suitable for generally healthy, vegan (plant-based), and weight loss diets. Rockit Snacks Crunchy Coated Pumpkin Seeds are naturally low in carbs, keto-friendly, and gluten-free. They are grain-free.

Classic Flavors for Your Salty Snack and Recipe Cravings

Rockit Snacks Crunchy Coated Pumpkin Seeds come in Sea Salt, Ranch, and Nacho flavors. They are made with real sea salt as well as seasonings such as onion, garlic, and chili. You can take them anywhere for a convenient snack on their own.

Rockit Snacks Crunchy Coated Pumpkin Seeds can also go into anything that needs a good crunch. For example, they can be sprinkled on salads or mixed into cottage cheese. For a savory, warm meal, they could even be mixed into a bowl of Plain Protein Oatmeal!

They come in single bags and 6-bag packs. The Variety Pack comes with your choice of one bag of each flavor or 6 bags of each flavor.

Snacking is practically a way of life for Americans, providing about 25% of calories. For weight loss surgery patients, snacking may be a necessity to get enough nutrients despite a restricted pouch size. Rockit Snacks Crunchy Coated Pumpkin Seeds can offer naturally nutrient-rich, weight loss-friendly way to enjoy delicious snacks.

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