Six Ways The BariatricPal Store Helps You Lose Weight

Six Ways The BariatricPal Store Helps You Lose Weight

Alex Brecher

Are you among the half of Americans who want to lose weight this year? It’s a tall order, judging from the number who do not hit their goals. It is not surprising, though, since losing weight can be so hard. Still, if weight loss is your goal in 2019, The BariatricPal Store is ready to help you achieve it. We believe in making weight loss easy, and here are six ways we do.

  1. We have protein in every form and flavor.

Take your pick of protein. Try protein bars, shakes, and shots, or diversify your protein picks with hot and cold breakfasts, lunch and dinner entrees, hot drinks, snacks, and desserts. They come in sweet and savory flavors for every mood.

  1. Find products for pre-op, post-op, and no-op.

We have protein and bariatric-safe products for pre-op bariatric surgery, every stage of the post-op diet, and weight loss without surgery. You can get high-protein, low-carb diet products that fit onto liquid, pureed foods, semi-solid, and solid foods diets. They taste great and come in a wide variety.

  1. We do not let you run out.

If you run out of your bariatric foods, you might find yourself at the local drive-through ordering a burger and fries. You need never run out again with options such as Subscribe and Save. Get your favorite bariatric foods and other products delivered to you each month automatically, and enjoy a discount while you are at it!

  1. We design quick and easy products.

Our products fit into a busy lifestyle that demands convenience. Examples of ready-to-eat products include protein bars, chips, pretzels, cookies, and cereal. You can have your protein shakes and smoothies in seconds just by mixing them with water, and our protein pudding and gelatin, hot breakfasts, protein pasta, and lunch and dinner entrees are ready in minutes. They just need water and a stove or microwave. It is quicker to eat our diet products than to order in or even go down the hall to the vending machine.

  1. We have free meal plans and recipes.

Weight loss is easier when you know how to do it. Check out our Meal Plans for everyone! There are meal plans and menus for post-op liquid, pureed foods, semi-solid, and solid foods diets, as well as for maintenance and back-on-track diets. You can also go through our Recipes to find simple, great-tasting, high-protein fare.

  1. We offer the best shopping experience.

Get your weight loss and bariatric products online without going to a store, and know that we guarantee satisfaction and the lowest possible prices. Our customer support is ready to help. We even show our appreciation of your business with perks such as free gifts and free shipping on qualifying orders.

Make The BariatricPal Store part of your 2019, and you may see a difference in your weight. Let us help you lose weight more easily. The BariatricPal Store is proud to be your pal in weight loss!

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