Snacking after Bariatric Surgery

Snacking after Bariatric Surgery

Alex Brecher

What you eat after bariatric surgery determines your weight loss, and snacking is a hugely important part of your diet. Whether you call them “snacks” or “small meals,” these foods are likely to make up most or all of the post-op diet since the stomach pouch is too small to hold full-sized meals.

The rewards of snacking properly can include staying nourished, keeping up energy, reducing hunger, and losing more weight. The BariatricPal Store has key tips and support for snacking smart after bariatric surgery.

Prioritize Protein

Getting enough protein after bariatric surgery is crucial for maintaining lean muscle mass, keeping up metabolism, and speeding healing. Your body can only use so much protein at once, and the stomach pouch may not fit too much at once, so snacks can be what you need to hit your protein goals. Hard-boiled eggs, grilled chicken, tuna, and cottage cheese are all good sources. The BariatricPal Store has a wide variety of easier, portable sources with Protein Pretzels, Protein Cakes, Protein Nut Spreads, and more.

Portions Are Key

No matter how nutritious the snack is, it is not healthy if you have too much of it. Oversized portions interfere with weight loss and can cause complications after bariatric surgery. One option is to measure each snack by weighing it, counting, or using measuring cups or spoons. An effortless alternative is to opt for pre-portioned snacks. Many of our protein snacks come in single-serving packages. Just a few examples include Protein Pudding, Tuna Snacks, Meat Bars, Protein Cookies, Protein Chips, and Protein Bars.

Cave into Cravings

Are your taste buds calling out for something? Listening to them can satisfy you and let you move on. Sweet, salty, chocolate, creamy, crispy, and chewy snacks are all available at The BariatricPal Store. You can be sure to find the perfect bariatric-friendly snack for any craving.

Fill up on Fiber

As you recover from bariatric surgery, keeping hunger at bay may become a challenge. Fiber-filled snacks can help since fiber helps stabilize blood sugar levels to delay hunger pangs. Plus, high-fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables are low in calories and have big serving sizes, so they can fill you up. These foods are good for high-fiber snacks.

Be Prepared

When hunger strikes and you have nothing prepared, what can you do? The only last-minute choices available are often pretty bad ones, such as sugary, fatty, or starchy foods from vending machines, convenience stores, and fast-food joints. Keeping healthy snacks on hand all the time can keep you away from fries, chips, and chocolate bars, and it is easy with shelf-stable, single-portioned snacks. Just keep them everywhere, from your kitchen and car to your gym bag and desk at work, so you can grab them when you need them.

Smart snacking after weight loss surgery can keep you on track towards your health and weight loss goals, and it can be great-tasting and easy. The BariatricPal Store has all kinds of bariatric-friendly options, so come try some!

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