Top 5 Gluten-Free Products

Top 5 Gluten-Free Products

Alex Brecher

A gluten-free diet can be necessary if you have a condition such as celiac disease. Gluten is in wheat products and is also hidden in many other foods, but you still have plenty of options for low-carb, delicious products. The BariatricPal Store has hundreds of gluten-free products. Here are five of our top picks.

Why Go Gluten-Free?

If you have celiac disease, following a gluten-free diet is the only way to prevent symptoms. If you have celiac disease, every time you eat a product with gluten in it, you are at risk for digestive symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, bloating, stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation, and fatigue. Long-term, continuing to eat gluten can lead to anemia, joint pain, and headaches.

How Can You Go Gluten-Free?

Since gluten is a protein in wheat, rye, and barley, avoiding products with these grains is key. In addition, you need to look for a “gluten-free” statement on the label of packaged foods. Otherwise, you risk getting food that has been contaminated with gluten.

  • Cheese Snacks
  • Regular pretzels and crackers are wheat-based and not gluten-free, but there are other crunchy options. Kay’s Naturals Protein Chips - Crispy Parmesan and Kay’s Naturals Protein Kruncheeze - White Cheddar Cheese are low in carbs and gluten-free. They are made with real cheese and have 12 grams of protein per serving, while delivering about half the carbs as other crunchy snacks.

  • Low-Carb Pasta
  • Regular pasta is made with semolina, a wheat product. That means it not only has gluten, but is packed with carbs. Shirataki Noodle is a low-calorie option with 0 net carbs. Just drain, rinse, and use these noodles with only 10 calories per serving. For a boost of protein, try NutriNoodle Organic Edamame Protein Spaghetti. You can use both types of low-carb, gluten-free pasta in your regular pasta recipes.

  • Sugar-Free Jams and Jellies
  • Sugar-free, carb-free, calorie-free, and gluten-free: it seems as though Walden Farms Calorie Free Fruit Jams and Jellies are free from everything except flavor! They come in favorite flavors, such as Apple Butter, Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Apricot, and Grape. Combine them with Nutilight Sugar-Free Chocolate Nut Spreads for a delightful gluten-free, sugar-free treat!

  • Sugar-Free, Fat-Free Marshmallows
  • If your weight loss diet has been getting you down, what about some sugar-free, fat-free marshmallows - without gluten? La Nouba Sugar-Free, Fat-Free Marshmallows have only 32 calories per serving, with 0 grams of net carbs. You can eat them on their own or top a Protein Hot Cocoa Drink with one or two!

  • Protein Cereal
  • Cereal is the devil for weight loss, low-carb, and gluten-free diets - until now. Kay’s Naturals Protein Cereal comes in Honey Almond, Apple Cinnamon, and French Vanilla varieties. It has 12 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber, and has real ingredients such as honey and cinnamon.

    Avoiding gluten does not mean you need to deprive yourself of favorite foods.
    There are even products like Kirkland protein bars that are gluten free.
    You can even enjoy your faves while you are following a low-carb weight loss diet and eating gluten-free! The BariatricPal Store has gluten-free snacks, entrees, and sweet treats so you can eat great, lose weight, and avoid symptoms from eating gluten.

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