Jealous Sweets Sugar-Free Plant Based Happy Bears - Apple & Lemon

Brand: Jealous Sweets

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Jealous Sweets Happy Bears are 100% plant-based. Enjoy without the guilt!

Jealous Sweets Sugar-Free Plant Based Happy Bears Highlights:
  • Plant-Based - All the ingredients are vegan and veggie-friendly. They don't have gelatine or any other animal-derived ingredient so you can enjoy them guilt-free.
  • Gluten-Free - Have fun sharing them with your friends and family (or not, we get it if you want to finish them all by yourself)!
  • Sugar-Free - Enjoy the sweetness of life minus the unhealthy sugar.
  • Made with Natural Fruit Juices - Every bite of Jealous Sweets is a burst of fruity and savory flavors. That's what you get when you make sweets with natural fruit juices! Enjoy Apple and Lemon in Happy Bears.
  • Shamelessly Tasty!

At Jealous, they believe that sweets should be two things: junk-free and shamelessly tasty. That’s why their founders, (Lord-Sugar Free) Taz and (Candy Magician) Imran, aimed to create the best-tasting sweets on the market. Why let your taste buds suffer from the rubbery, unappetizing, and nasty candies when you can enjoy flavourful, vegan, and gluten-free sweets? They only used the finest ingredients for their treats. Forget the nasties like gelatine, artificial colors, and synthetic flavors. Say hello to 100% plant-based ingredients and natural fruit juices. Each recipe has been crafted to take confectionery to a new level so you can taste epiphany with Jealous Sweets.

Jealous Sweets Sugar-Free Happy Bears are exclusively imported from the UK by BariatricPal. 

Jealous Sweets Sugar-Free Plant Based Happy Bears - Apple & Lemon

Ingredients: Sweeteners: maltitol, sorbitol, steviol glycosides, gelling agent: pectin, acidulant: citric acid, natural flavorings, natural color: curcumin, color concentrates of spirulina and apple, coconut and rapeseed oil, glazing agent: carnauba wax.

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