Enjoy the Holiday Cheer with Healthy Gifts!

Enjoy the Holiday Cheer with Healthy Gifts!

Alex Brecher

The perfect gift for anyone is something meaningful that shows how much you care. The perfect gift for someone who is losing weight helps them reach their goals. The BariatricPal Store has everything you need for the weight loss surgery patient or dieter in your life. Or, give yourself the gift of health this holiday season and beyond.

Here is how you can create a personalized gift basket for that special someone to enjoy.

Select the Perfect Products

Look through The BariatricPal Store and fill your cart with the right gift items. Just choose any combination of products that you think scream the name of the person you’re trying to gift to! These are some ideas.

-Low-carb pasta for the carbaholic.

-Protein chips for the chronic snacker.

-Instant protein oatmeal for the rushed career person or parent.

-Hot chocolate for the pre-op or post-op patient who’s on a liquid diet and missing the holiday cheer.

Wrap and Pack

When you receive your order of healthy treats, you can wrap them beautifully. Use ribbons, tissue paper, and wrapping paper to make each item more festive. Then place them in a basket.

You can even make recipe cards to include in the basket. Just use 3 x 5 index cards and use colored markers to write out recipes or serving suggestions for how to use the products you are giving. For example, for BariatricPal Lite Double Bites Cheddar Cheese, you could include a card with a recipe for spinach dip made with Greek yogurt, fat-free cream cheese, and onion soup seasoning. Tape the card onto the wrapped package of the cheesy snacks to inspire the recipient.

When everything is wrapped nicely and your recipes cards are attached, it’s time to wrap the basket. You can use clear plastic wrap or colored cellophane, and attach a bow at the top. Then it’s time to give the gift!

Gift Basket Alternatives

You don’t need to put together an entire gift basket to show you care. Here are some other ideas.

-A gift card ranging from $10 to $250 so the recipient can choose what to order.

-A subscription to products such as bariatric vitamins, protein supplements, or entrees, so the recipient thinks of you the entire year and never runs out of the necessary healthy products she needs.

-Any personalized treat, such as Triple Chocolate Protein Bars for the chocolate lover, Ready-to-Shake Protein Shakes for the on-the-go pre-op or post-op patient, or Spaghetti and Meatballs for the dieter who’s craving comfort food.


Healthy gifts can be the ones that show how much you care. You can create a customized gift for the weight loss surgery patient or weight loss partner in your life. These homemade gifts are often the best ones, and you can put together a beautiful gift basket even if you’re not a crafter by nature.