Treat Yourself Right This Holiday Season

Treat Yourself Right This Holiday Season

Alex Brecher

The holidays are challenging when you’re trying to lose weight. To meet your healthy goals, you need to say no to some of the tempting foods that seem to be everywhere.

Still, passing up some of those high-calorie favorites doesn’t have to put a damper in your holiday spirit. Arm yourself with the right healthy treats, and you can feel just as festive as ever this holiday season while you lose weight. Here are some ideas for treating yourself right without feeling deprived.

Have “Better” Treats on Hand

It’s a lot easier to turn your nose up at the fudge in the secretary’s office or the chocolate-covered pretzels when you have your own delicious treats to enjoy. Fight fudge with a Chocolate Fudge Protein Bar, chocolate covered peanuts with a Chocolate Peanut Protein Bar, and nutrition-less candy canes with instant Chocomint Protein Pudding.

Keep some of these treats waiting for you in your desk drawer, car, purse, or pantry, and you won’t need to give in to the fattening, sugary fare that can quickly end your good intentions.

Curl Up with a Hot Drink

Hot drinks are perfect for relaxing and enjoying the holiday spirit. Instead of sugary apple cider or a sweetened coffee drink from a coffee shop, we suggest a high-protein, low-sugar option. You could have Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows, or hot Vanilla Cappuccino or Creamy Decaf Cappuccino, to name a few. They all have over 10 grams of protein and less than 100 calories.

Toast to Your Surgery!

Not with alcohol, of course. Your diet is pretty limited if you’ve had surgery recently and you’re on a liquid or pureed foods diet, but that’s no cause for despair. We suggest celebrating, in fact! Why not make a toast to your new healthy life and weight loss with any of our delicious Protein Shakes? For a bit of a Christmas-y feel and some spice, you could always go for a Cinnamon Shake.

Don’t Forget Your Bariatric Vitamins!

It can be easy to forget everyday tasks like taking your vitamins in the excitement of the holidays. When you’re so busy, you may not even have time to get to a store to get the vitamins you need to stay healthy.

No worries. They’re right here! Whether you need Bariatric Multivitamins, Calcium, Iron, or B Vitamins, we have you covered. Look through our pills, chewables, and patches to choose your favorites. Or, save even more time and pick up a Gastric Band, Gastric Sleeve, or Gastric Bypass Vitamin Pack!

The BariatricPal Store is here to help you lose weight – even during the holidays! Browse the aisles to see how you can stock up on the healthy foods that will keep you on track this year.

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