Taking Protein Pretzels to a New Level

Taking Protein Pretzels to a New Level

Alex Brecher

Oh, the things you can do with pretzels. And with BariatricPal Lite Bites Pretzel Twists, they’re within your reach on your weight loss diet. First, we’ll give you the good news about how we turned starchy pretzels into a low-carb, high-protein snack. Then, we’ll give you a few ideas that can satisfy your crunchy, salty cravings and make your diet a little more fun.

A Grab-and-Go Healthy Snack

An ounce of regular pretzels has 23 grams of carbs and 3 grams of protein. A bag of BariatricPal Lite Bites Pretzel Twists has 12 grams of protein and less than half the carbs. It also has 4 grams of dietary fiber, making it a filling snack to tide you over until the next meal. Keep some of these 130-calorie bags in your car or gym bag for a ready-to-eat treat.

Make It a Meal

You can eat BariatricPal Lite Bites Pretzel Twists with healthy foods and turn your pretzel experience into a quick and healthy meal. Here are some ideas.

-Have them with fat-free cottage cheese.

-Use them as croutons with your favorite BariatricPal Protein Soups,

-Dip them into an artichoke dip made with non-fat cream cheese and chives.

-Have them with cheddar or another kind of cheese plus your choice of cherry tomatoes, grapes, or apple slices.

An Indulgent Sweet and Salty Treat

How about a sweet and salty, crunchy and creamy treat that is perfectly portioned and has nutritionals you thought you could only dream of? It can be a reality when you use BariatricPal Lite Bites Pretzel Twists as a pie crust and BariatricPal Protein Puddings as the filling. Just crumble a package of pretzels in a tart pan and pour BariatricPal Protein Pudding on top of it.

We love pretzel pies made with Mocha Cream and Dark Cocoa Cream, but it works just fine with any Bariatric Protein Pudding flavors, including Chocolate Cream and Hazelnut Cocoa Cream.

When you’re ready to get crunching, use the coupon code Yum10Pretzel when you check out to get 10% off all pretzels at our store! The coupon is good through December 21.