Acid-Free Coffee for a Smoother Drink

Acid-Free Coffee for a Smoother Drink

Do you live for coffee? Is your entire day better when you can wake up with a steaming cuppa joe, work throughout the morning with a mug on your desk, and finish a meal with a comforting cup of coffee? It is great to have a companion like coffee - and one that may have health benefits, no less - but there can be a downside.

Coffee is naturally acidic, and that can cause problems, as you may have well experienced. Now, Alex’s Acid-Free Coffee is available to provide the coffee-drinking experience you crave, without the acid-generated side effects.

Why Acid-Free?

You already know why you would want acid-free coffee if you have struggled with heartburn or indigestion after drinking coffee. The cause of the problems is too much acid. Since the acid has been removed, Alex’s Acid-Free Coffee does not cause those problems. Plus, it is safe for weight loss surgery patients since the acid-free beans do not irritate the surgery wounds during the recovery process. 

How Do We Do It?

It took a lot of experimentation and expert consults, but we finally got Alex’s Acid-Free Coffee right. It starts with high-quality, organic, fair-trade beans from some of the most famous coffee-producing areas in Latin America. Then, they are roasted using air convection instead of being placed in contact with steel drums. The result is a lower-acid product that tastes just as good.

Acid-Free Coffee Your Way

Acid-free it may be, but you can still drink your coffee your way with Alex’s Acid-Free Coffee. It comes in regular and decaffeinated versions in ground and whole beans. Each bag contains 12 ounces of beans. Take your pick, or opt for the Variety Pack with all four options!

Alex’s Acid-Free Coffee French Roast in Ground and Whole Bean varieties has a blend of Chiapas, Honduranian, and Nicaraguan beans. It is a medium-dark roast with full body and chocolate, pear, and nutty notes, with hints of lemon and vanilla.

Alex’s Acid-Free Coffee Decaf in Ground and Whole Bean contains 100% Chiapas beans from southern Mexico. Sweet, subtle, and chocolatey, they are decaffeinated using water processing, not chemicals. They are roasted to a medium-dark, almost French, roast.

Favorite Coffee Recipes without the Side Effects

Use Alex’s Acid-Free Coffee as you would your favorite coffee, whether you like it black or with cream and sugar or your favorite sugar substitute. Try the caffeinated versions for a jolt in the morning or a pick-me-up in the early afternoon, or opt for decaf when you are looking for calming comfort or an after-dinner treat.

You can also count on it when making any of your favorite coffee beverages. These are just a few lower-calorie ideas for Alex’s Acid-Free Coffee

  • With pumpkin pie spice, almond milk, sweetener, and a dollop of sugar-free whipped topping for a pumpkin latte.
  • With cocoa powder, almond milk, and sweetener for hot mocha.
  • With ice, sugar-free caramel sauce or syrup, almond milk, and sweetener for an iced caramel beverage.

Alex’s Acid-Free Coffee gives you a way to enjoy this favorite beverage without any discomfort. With the sugar-free syrups and other options at The BariatricPal Store, you can have your favorite coffee beverages without any guilt or trouble. Enjoy!

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