How to Avoid Overeating and Binge Eating After Surgery

How to Avoid Overeating and Binge Eating After Surgery

Alex Brecher

One of the ways in which bariatric surgery helps with weight loss is by making the stomach pouch smaller. The small pouch fills up faster so that it is harder to eat too much. However, it is still possible to eat too much after bariatric surgery and experience weight gain. These are some strategies for avoiding overeating and binge eating after bariatric surgery.

Strategy 1: Eat portion-controlled foods.

There is a reason why surgeons and nutritionists recommend measuring your food. It helps prevent you from accidentally eating the entire contents of a multi-serving food. Nutrient-packed or not, any food is bad if you eat too much of it. Just a few of the types of individually packaged foods in stock are Protein Cereal, Protein Snacks, Protein Shakes, and Low-Carb Entrees.

If you are eating foods that are not pre-packaged in single servings, Portion Control Tools such as Portion Control Rings and Bariatric Portion Control Plates can make measuring easier.

Strategy 2: Keep hunger levels down.

People who let themselves get too hungry before they start eating may end up eating unhealthy foods, eating them too fast, and having too much. Since the stomach pouch is so small after bariatric surgery, it may be necessary to keep meals very small and add snacks to get enough protein and keep hunger levels down.

Smart snacks are easy to prepare or ready to eat, great-tasting, and high in protein while being low in excess starches and sugars. Snacks at the BariatricPal Store include Protein Chips and Puffs in favorite flavors from Ranch to Barbecue, Bean Crisps, Cheese Crisps, Meat Snacks, Protein Bars, Protein Brownies, and more. 

Strategy 3: Enjoy treats regularly.

Success after bariatric surgery is a lifelong pursuit, and following a meal plan without any treats can eventually backfire if the cravings lead to binge-eating. It makes more sense to include the foods and flavors you love in a controlled way, and that is actually possible at the BariatricPal Store

If you feel like cooking a bit, you can bake low-carb “fried” chicken with Panko Pork Crumbs, whip up a stack of Protein Chocolate Chip Pancakes for brunch, enjoy low-carb Shirataki Spaghetti and meatballs, and even make pizza on Zero-Carb Pizza Crust. These are some instant or ready-to-eat treats to consider, too.

Strategy 4: Focus on wholesome foods.

Sugary, starchy, and fatty foods are unlikely to fill you up, making it way too easy to overeat. In addition, they tend to generate more cravings for the same types of high-calorie foods. Whenever possible, subbing high-protein, high-fiber foods for sugary, starchy, and fatty fare can help you stay full and reduce cravings. The BariatricPal Store has all kinds of swaps so you can keep eating your faves without getting the bad stuff. Pasta, bread, cake, and pretzels are just a few of the foods we have in high-protein, low-carb versions.

Portion control and smart choices can help avoid overeating and binge-eating after bariatric surgery. We are here to help you make good choices with nutritious foods that make you love your diet without a shred of guilt.

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