Keto Queen Creations Baking Mixes

Keto Queen Creations Baking Mixes

Alex Brecher

Are you a carb-lover at heart who is now on a keto diet to lose weight or lower blood sugar? Do you miss the days when bread, pancakes, and cookies were on the menu? Do you long for freshly baked goods coming out of your own oven?

Keto Queen Creations Baking Mixes can let you make and eat those baked goods again. They are very low in carbs and easy to prepare, and they taste great. Here is what to know about them.

Challenges on a Keto Diet

A keto diet is a very low-carbohydrate diet that may have you staying around 20 to 50 grams of net carbohydrates per day. In comparison, a slice of bread can have 15 grams, a single pancake can have 22 grams, and a brownie can 30 to 50 grams.

Since they are so close to, or over, the daily limit for carbs, these and similar high-carb foods are off limits on a keto diet - and that can be a challenge if you love them. Bread, pancakes, cakes, and cookies all are high in carbs and may not be suitable for a keto diet. In fact, you may find yourself choosing between losing weight and caving into carb cravings. That is, until now. 

High-Carb Foods without the Carbs

Keto Queen Creations Baking Mixes are low in fact, they have as few as 0 net carbs. Still, they contain only natural ingredients rather than a long list of unpronounceable results of science experiments. They are made primarily with coconut flour instead of white flour and are sweetened with sugar alcohols such as erythritol.

Keto Bread

What are you missing about bread? Do you long for peanut butter sandwiches, hamburgers with the buns, or croutons? Do you just want plain bread, or simple bread and butter? You can have it all with Keto Queen Creations Baking Mixes and a few simple ingredients such as eggs, oil, and water. Fresh bread can be yours in under an hour!

Keto Desserts

What would be first on your list if you could have dessert again? Would you have a rich chocolate brownie, or a light piece of yellow cake? You can have both with Keto Queen Creations Baking Mixes. Cakes include Chocolate, Yellow, Cinnamon Coffee, and Pound. There are also Chocolate Brownies, Snickerdoodle Cookies, and Sugar Cookies. They just need ingredients such as butter, cream cheese, and eggs. Have them for dessert or a snack, or even for breakfast with an egg or some cheese.

Keto Pancakes

What is on your keto menu for breakfast these days? Eggs, eggs, and eggs? What would you say if you could have pancakes again?  Keto Queen Creations Baking Mixes make it possible with eggs, vanilla, cream, and water, and each package makes 12 pancakes. Then, it’s up to you how to serve them, such as with Sugar-Free Syrup, strawberries, cottage cheese, or peanut butter. You are back in charge of breakfast again! 

The BariatricPal Store is packed with keto-friendly products, and Keto Queen Creations Baking Mixes are an example of just one of our brands. Try them all of you 

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