Keto Wheyfer Bars for Great-Tasting Satisfaction

Keto Wheyfer Bars for Great-Tasting Satisfaction

Alex Brecher

Following a keto diet can be a challenge, to say the least. Even if you do manage to figure out which foods are allowed, and how to get enough fat and protein without overdoing it on carbohydrates, you might find yourself feeling bored or deprived, or have trouble keeping the foods you need on hand.

Keto Wheyfer Bars can solve these problems. They taste great, are ready to eat, and can be taken anywhere. Get the scoop on these protein bars that are new at The BariatricPal Store.

Keto-Friendly Nutrition and Ingredients

Keto Wheyfer Bars meet the requirements for a high-fat, high-protein keto food. They have no more than 3 grams of added sugars per bar, and are low in carbs. The Keto Wheyfer Bars have 9 to 10 grams of protein from milk protein and hydrolyzed collagen. With 11 or more grams of fat from saturated sources such as palm oil, these protein bars are ready to meet your keto needs. You can have them as a small meal or a snack, since each one has about 200 to 220 calories. They have no sugar alcohols and no aftertaste.

Diet-Forgetting Flavors

Did you say that you’re on a diet? not tell the makers of Keto Wheyfer Bars! They come in flavors that taste so good that you will forget that you are on a low-carb, low-sugar diet.

  • Coffee Cream with real coffee and a metabolism-boosting jolt of caffeine.
  • Cocoa Cream with high-quality cocoa in its rich chocolatey layers.
  • Vanilla Cream with natural flavors and classic creaminess.

Each bar has a base of wafers layered with creamy goodness. The wafers are topped with crispy buds to satisfy your cravings.

Choose Your Pack

Get your Keto Wheyfer Bars however you like. Buy a single bar or 12-pack of Coffee Cream, Cocoa Cream, or Vanilla Cream, or opt for the Variety Pack with all three flavors. Since they do not require refrigeration, you can stock up and store them wherever you may need them, such as your desk, pantry, or car.

Any help you can get with weight loss and a keto diet is welcome. Keto Wheyfer Bars give you an option for instant meals and snacks with no hassle and no guilt. Give them a try and see how great weight loss can taste!
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