Many Patients Not Meeting ASMBS Requirements

Many Patients Not Meeting ASMBS Requirements

Alex Brecher

Bariatric surgery patients are at high risk for nutrient deficiencies. Protein may come to mind first, but that’s not the only nutrient of concern. There are several essential vitamins and minerals that are coming up short. 

Bariatric surgeons recommend taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement for life. But it can be confusing to know which supplement to take. Not just any multivitamin will do. BariatricPal Multivitamin ONE can help. 

Challenges to Meeting Nutrient Needs

Why are so many patients not meeting requirements set by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, or ASMBS? There may be a few reasons.

  • Higher nutrient needs after surgery.
  • Impaired absorption after surgery, so not all the nutrients get absorbed and used.
  • Reduced intake of total amount of food and type of food, which can limit the nutrients that are consumed.

Another challenge is that a regular daily multivitamin is unlikely to supply the amounts of nutrients that bariatric patients need. It can be lower than patients need in key nutrients, such as these.

  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Biotin
  • Vitamin B1 (thiamin)
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D
  • Folic Acid
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Selenium

Some multivitamins are really just that: multivitamins. They do not even have minerals in them! A bariatric vitamin can be a better choice for bariatric patients because it is specifically formulated to meet ASMBS recommendations for key nutrients.

BariatricPal Multivitamin ONE for a Complete Supplement

BariatricPal Multivitamin ONE is our own line of multivitamin and mineral supplements for bariatric surgery patients. It meets or exceeds ASMBS requirements for daily needs. 

BariatricPal Multivitamin ONE comes in different versions to meet every patient’s needs. They come in capsules and flavored chewables, with or without iron. The Capsules are available with 18 mg, 45 mg, or 60 mg iron, or without iron.

The Chewables come in Orange Citrus or Mixed Berry without iron, or in Mixed Berry with 45 mg iron. They taste great, but are sugar-free. They are ideal for people who cannot or do not like to swallow capsules.

Complete Your Bundle with Calcium Chews

Guidelines from ASMBS are to take calcium separately from your multivitamin and mineral supplement. When you choose a bundle, you can get BariatricPal Calcium Chews along with your multivitamin and mineral. There is a bundle for:

BariatricPal Calcium Chews are sugar-free but great-tasting. Flavors include French Caramel Vanilla, Pina Colada, Wild Grape, Strawberry Watermelon Twist, Belgian Chocolate Caramel, Caramel Apple, Chocolate Mint, and Orange Creamsicle. Just choose your favorite as you add your bundle to your cart!

Each chew has 500 mg of calcium citrate and 20 mcg of vitamin D. Plus, they have 250 million CFU of Bacillus coagulants, which is a strain of bacteria that is a probiotic for gut health.

BariatricPal Multivitamin ONE is a complete multivitamin and mineral supplement specifically formulated according to ASMBS guidelines. That’s important because many patients are not meeting these requirements and are instead deficient in important nutrients. This easy daily supplement can help you stay nourished or overcome deficiencies. Just ask your doctor which one may be best for you!

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