Meal Prep with BariatricPal

Meal Prep with BariatricPal

Alex Brecher

After bariatric surgery, you need meals that give you protein and other essential nutrients without too many carbs. For your lifestyle change to be long-lasting, the meals need to taste good and be easy to prepare. The BariatricPal Store has plenty of help for meal prep for weight loss whether at home or on the go.

Low-Carb Pasta and Other Protein Entrees

What is your go-to meal when you need dinner quickly? Before you started to lose weight, was pasta your first choice? It can stay on your daily menu because the store is stocked with low-carb Protein Pasta, along with Calorie-Free Pasta Sauces including tomato and Alfredo. If you need a side for your pasta, just check out our low-carb Salad Dressings to use on a side salad or for roasting vegetables!

The BariatricPal Store has plenty of Protein Entrees that are ready to heat and eat. They are ideal for home or on the go, since they are shelf-stable. Chili, Chicken Enchilada Verde, Nacho Cheese Pasta, Vegetable Lasagna, and Potato Stew are just a few of our options.

Meal Replacement Protein Bars and Shakes

Meal replacement protein bars and shakes are great if you are too busy for a full meal or you want something to grab and go. BariatricPal Protein One shakes are great-tasting sources of protein, fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals. We have bars in a range of flavors and sizes so you can always get exactly the amount of protein you need, and without extra sugar or carbs.

Protein Snacks and Guilt-Free Dips

Snacks can add more nutrients and keep you full between meals, especially if you eat small meals, such as after bariatric surgery when your stomach pouch is small. High-carb or fatty snacks such as chips, crackers, and cookies can get in the way of weight loss, but healthier snacks are often less convenient.

Protein Snacks, including Chips, Puffs, Pretzels, and Cookies, can stave off hunger without adding many carbs or sugars. Many varieties come in single-serving packages so you do not need to worry about portion control. Nut Butters and Calorie-Free Dessert Dips pair well with fresh fruit or as a spread for Low-Carb Bread.

Perfect Portions

Eating the right amount is just as important as eating the right foods. The BariatricPal Store has Portion Control Tools that are easy to use so you can throw together a perfectly portioned meal, without a hassle, on the go or at home. The BariatricPal Portion Bowl has volumes marked on the side so you can get the exact right amount of yogurt, cottage cheese, or fruit, while the BariatricPal Hot Meal or Soup Cup is perfect for our Protein Soups and Protein Oatmeal.

On the go or at home, portion plates and portion rings let you get a balanced meal with the right amounts of protein, vegetables, and high-fiber starches without intensive measuring. Protein shaker bottles make it easy to shake up protein powder with your favorite beverage or water, while hydration bottles let you keep tabs on how much water you are having each day.

At home or on the go, making your own foods can help you stay away from restaurants and the high-calorie, high-carb meals they may serve. Meal prep can be simple with portion control tools and low-carb ingredients that are ready to use. With such convenience and great taste, losing weight can be easier and more fun than you think!

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