Mother’s Day Brunch the Weight Loss Way

Abegail Fernandez

Mother’s Day brunch celebrates Mom. Moms work hard, and have a lot to show for it with wonderful children. Brunch can be a wonderful opportunity for family time, but it can be a disaster for your waistline. It does not need to be, though. Keep your waistline in check and enjoy good food and family this year! Here are some ideas.

The Pancake Brunch

Protein Pancakes let you have a short stack without piling up the carbs. These low-carb pancakes have up to 15 grams of protein per serving and they are ready in minutes, so Mom does not need to spend hours in the kitchen on her special day. Enjoy plain, blueberry, carrot spice, and more flavors. You can also use many of our protein pancake mixes to make waffles for a nice alternative. Serve them with healthy additions such as eggs, berries, nuts, or Greek yogurt.

Savory Brunch

If a sweet brunch is not your preference, go the savory route instead. Skip the bacon and cheesy potatoes, and get your favorite flavors instead from healthier fare. Try Protein Omelets in vegetable or bacon flavors, plus sides and toppings such as low-fat cheese, vegetables, and turkey bacon or sausage. You can even make a southwestern-themed brunch with a southwestern-style protein omelet along with diced tomatoes and grilled peppers, salsa, and fat-free Greek yogurt instead of sour cream.

A Hot Drink

Extend the occasion as you sip on a hot drink, but don’t let your guard down and down an excess of sugar and calories with sweet coffee drinks or hot cocoa. Opt for Hot Protein Drinks instead and cut the sugar while boosting the protein. You can get 15 grams in a serving of cocoa in flavors such as marshmallow, classic, and mint, or cappuccino.

Enjoy your brunch and your family while knowing you are doing your part to keep yourself healthy for years to come. You can even finish off the brunch with a family walk to keep the spirit of health and togetherness around. Happy Mother’s Day!

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