New Brand Pharmics Bariatric Iron Supplements

New Brand Pharmics Bariatric Iron Supplements

Alex Brecher

Iron is a critical mineral for healthy red blood cells and a strong immune system, but it’s the most commonly deficient mineral in the world. Bariatric surgery patients are at especially high risk for iron deficiency, and your surgeon may suggest taking an iron supplement in addition to your daily multivitamin and mineral supplement. 

Which one should you take? Pharmics Bariatric Iron Supplements are specifically designed for bariatric surgery patients. They’re gentle on the stomach and come in a variety of forms for your convenience. Here’s what you should know about iron and Pharmics Bariatric Iron Supplements

Iron and Bariatric Surgery

Iron is an essential mineral in the diet. It’s necessary for the formation of healthy red blood cells so they can carry oxygen to the cells around your body. It’s also needed for a normal immune response as well as proper energy metabolism.

These are some food sources of iron.

  • Beef and other meats.
  • Beans and lentils.
  • Leafy green vegetables.
  • Potatoes.
  • Raisins.

You’re at risk for deficiency if you’re a bariatric surgery patient. It’s best to ask your doctor to test your levels of iron and how much you should take. Pharmics Bariatric Iron Supplements can supply iron if you’re not getting enough from food alone.

Benefits of Pharmics Bariatric Iron Supplements

It’s critical to choose the right form of iron supplement for you. Some people are okay with swallowing capsules, while others can’t face it. In addition, iron supplements are known for their ability to cause constipation. 

However, Pharmics Bariatric Iron Supplements are different. They are all made with specific forms of iron that are gentle on the stomach. And, they’re completely vegan and gluten-free.

Forms of Pharmics Bariatric Iron Supplements

The BariatricPal Store offers these forms of iron supplements. 

  • Iron Capsules with 18 mg of elemental iron. These veggie capsules come with 100 capsules per bottle. They’re part of a gastric protection complex to prevent your stomach from being irritated.
  • Chewable Iron with 18 mg of elemental iron. It has a delightful lemon-lime flavor that’s sweet, but doesn’t have sugar. It’s made with carbonyl iron, and is a good choice if you have trouble swallowing pills. 
  • Liquid Iron Ferretts IPS Iron with 40 mg of elemental iron per tablespoon. It’s in the form of iron protein succinylate and is gentle on the stomach. That’s because it’s insoluble in the stomach, so it doesn’t irritate the lining of the stomach like other iron products might. It’s also non-constipating. Each bottle has 16 servings, and it comes in a pleasant Black Cherry flavor.
  • Iron Tablets with 106 mg of elemental iron in the form of ferrous fumarate. It’s gentle on the stomach and the tablets are easy to swallow. 

More Tips for Better Iron Status

These tips can help you support your iron status.

  • Take iron separately from calcium.
  • Avoid having coffee or tea with your iron supplement, since coffee and tea have tannins that can block absorption of iron.
  • Make sure other nutrients are in good status. Vitamin A and copper are especially important for iron status.

Talk to your doctor before taking any supplement, especially iron. Iron can be toxic if you have too much, but it’s super important to take it for deficiency because it’s hard to overcome a deficiency with iron from food.

Weight loss after bariatric surgery isn’t just about food. It’s about nutrients, too. An iron supplement can help you keep up your iron stores, and Pharmics Bariatric Iron Supplements are designed to be convenient and easy to take. The BariatricPal Store has you covered for all of your bariatric protein, vitamin, mineral, and other needs.

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