Protein Bars – Get the Most from Yours

Alex Brecher

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What’s the deal with protein bars, anyway? They promise to be a dieter’s dream because of their protein and convenience, but how well they work for you depends on a bunch of factors. By choosing the right bars and fitting them properly into your weight loss diet, you can use protein bars to lose weight, reduce hunger, and stay energized. Here’s the scoop on protein bars and how you can get the most out of your bars.

Check the Protein Content

As unfair as it may seem, you can’t assume that a “protein” bar has as much protein as you expect. Some bars have only a few grams of protein. Read the nutrition facts to make sure the bar has as much protein as you expect. The protein in the bar is what keeps you full for hours while preventing blood sugar spikes and drops, so you don’t want to accidentally skimp on it!

A good amount to shoot for in a bar is about 10 to 20 grams of protein. That’s based off of the dose your body can use at once. The value of 10 to 20 grams of protein is also about 1/10 to ¼ of the amount of protein you need in a day after weight loss surgery or when you are on a weight loss diet, making it a good amount for a meal or snack.

Fit Them in Sensibly

Protein bars are ideal for replacing a meal or snack on the solid foods diet after weight loss surgery or when you are losing or maintaining weight without surgery. Just remember that they’re a replacement for, not usually an addition to, a meal or snack. They’ll pack anywhere from 100 to 300 calories apiece, so it’s important to count those calories towards your daily total. Round out the rest of your day with nutritious, low-calorie foods, and protein bars can be a valuable weight loss tool.

Have a Stash

The beauty of the bar is that it can be ready for you anywhere, anytime…but only if you prepare. Order a few boxes at a time so you can put a few in each of the places you may need them. Your gym bag, your desk drawer, your purse, your car, and your pantry are just a few places where protein bars should be waiting for you.

Beware of Carbs and Sugar

Some protein bars are packed with two or more times the amount of carbs and sugars as protein. Those excessive carbs and sugars can defeat the purpose of a bar. They drive up the calories (never a good thing for weight loss), wreak havoc on hunger levels, and increase sugar cravings so you’re more likely to cave in later on. If you’re a weight loss surgery patient, the sugars can even give you dumping syndrome – not exactly what you were looking for in a dependable go-to protein source!

Love the Flavor

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