Protein Donuts...Weight Loss Life Is Complete

Protein Donuts...Weight Loss Life Is Complete

Rox Sabay

Do you remember donuts? Sure you do. They are those delicious, fluffy, satisfying pastries with so many carbs, so much sugar, and so much unhealthy fat that they are a thing of the past...or are they? With Jim Buddy’s High-Protein Donuts, you can have donuts again, no guilt necessary. Here is why.

Why Not Regular Donuts?

Do you value health and weight loss? If so, regular donuts probably are not for you. A plain cake donut has nearly 300 calories and 30 grams of carbs, along with 10 grams of sugar. Combine those facts with the donut’s measly 4 grams of protein, and you can imagine the sugar spike you might get when you have one for breakfast. After the spike comes a blood sugar drop that brings hunger and cravings. That is not a good formula for weight loss! 

Protein Donuts and Your Weight and Health

Protein Donuts have about 14 grams of protein - more than three times the amount in regular donuts - and can stave off hunger for longer. The protein along with the low carb count, about half the net carbs as regular donuts, can reduce carb and sugar cravings. They have about one-quarter the fat as deep-fried doughnuts, and only 1 gram of saturated fat. Now that you know that nutrition facts, you may not be surprised to learn that these Protein Donuts were created by a personal trainer.

Irresistible Flavors

Isn’t it great when you can choose great flavors without worrying about extra calories and sugars sneaking in? That is not the case with regular donuts. For example, if you choose a chocolate frosted donut instead of an unfrosted one, you may add 100 calories and 10 grams of sugar. Is it really worth it?

When you go for Protein Donuts instead, you can choose great flavors without worrying about extra calories and carbs. You can opt for Cake Batter or Chocolate Frosted flavors. They are sweet and satisfying, just what you want from a donut, without the unwanted nutritionals.

Donuts Anytime

When you know that your day will start with Protein Donuts, you may be more excited about getting out of bed in the morning. There is always time for breakfast with Protein Donuts because they are ready to eat and you can take them anywhere. You can also have them as a snack or dessert. Try them paired with fruit for some fiber, or cream cheese or cottage cheese for extra protein.

At The BariatricPal Store, we believe that you should be able to lose weight without giving up your favorite foods. Protein Donuts are just some of the products we offer to make weight loss easier. Come by the store to try them and see what other irresistible, diet-friendly foods you can find!

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