Slow Control Utensils for Weight Loss Help

Slow Control Utensils for Weight Loss Help

Alex Brecher

After weight loss surgery and whenever you are trying to lose weight, how you eat can be as important as what you eat. Eating more slowly can help with weight loss, but it can be difficult to retrain yourself to slow down. Slow Control Smart Utensils can do the work for you, allowing you to enjoy eating as you automatically eat more slowly.

Weight Loss Benefits of Slow Eating

Does it even matter how fast you eat if you are choosing nutritious foods? Yes, it certainly does! Fast eating can lead to weight gain for a couple of reasons. First, it takes your brain about 20 minutes, or more, to realize that you are full and tell you to stop eating. If you eat very quickly, say, a full meal’s worth in 5 minutes, your brain may tell you to keep going. By the time 20 minutes have passed, you may have eaten enough for more than one meal.

Another reason to eat slowly is to enjoy your food. When you are mindful, and notice the flavors and textures of your food, it is easier to get satisfied on a smaller amount of food, and that can be good for weight loss.

More Reasons to Eat Slowly

Fast eaters can have indigestion, as food is in bigger pieces when it gets to the stomach and beyond. In addition, since digestion begins in the mouth, eating quickly means certain types of food are less digested when they arrive in the stomach. 

Eating slowly is even more important for bariatric surgery patients in particular. Slower eaters who chew their food thoroughly can take in less air as they chew, resulting in less discomfort or pain.

How Smart Control Utensils Work

Common strategies for eating more slowly include chewing each bite 30 times and only taking one bite every 30 seconds. Do you really want to be counting your chews or staring at a stopwatch instead of enjoying your meal or snack?

Slow Control Utensils enable you to slow down without watching the clock or counting each time you chew. Instead, they give you a signal if you are eating too fast. The Fork and Spoon are able to measure the amount of time between bites by noting when they touch your mouth as you bite. If the time between bites is short, the Fork or Spoon will warn you.

Ready-to-Go Sets

Slow Control Smart Utensils are available as a single Smart Spoon that you can start using as soon as you are eating pureed foods after bariatric surgery. There is also a Smart Fork and Knife set, and a Smart Spoon, Smart Fork, and Knife set, to help you establish long-lasting habits for slow eating. 

The utensils are attractive and discrete, and are comfortable to use. They come with batteries, too. As soon as you are ready to take the next step towards weight loss, Slow Control Smart Utensils are ready to help you effortlessly.

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