Glazed Doughnuts for Weight Loss at The BariatricPal Store

Glazed Doughnuts for Weight Loss at The BariatricPal Store 0

Today is another great day for weight loss: it is National Glazed Doughnut Day. Can’t you just smell those freshly baked doughnuts? Can’t you imagine biting into one and tasting its soft sweetness? Can’t you just feel them on your hips for the next month?

No! Not with OhYeah! ONE Protein Bar - Maple Glazed Doughnut! You can have your doughnut and lose weight, too. Savor the doughnut-flavored interior with a sweet maple glaze coating as you stick to your diet. What a way to celebrate this national holiday!

Farewell to Grease and Sugar

A glazed doughnut can get about half of its calories from unhealthy fats used in frying. It also piles on about half of the daily maximum amount of added sugars plus a scoop of refined starches, too. OhYeah! ONE Protein Bar - Maple Glazed Doughnut has no trans fat and 1 sweet gram of sugar.

Hello, Protein!

With all that talk about fat, sugar, and starch, what is missing from regular glazed doughnuts? They are low in protein, which can lead to a blood sugar roller coaster and mid-morning hunger pangs that can leave you running for another sugary, fatty treat. Not so with OhYeah! ONE Protein Bars - Maple Glazed Doughnut with 20 grams of protein each, including from whey protein.

Filling Fiber and Low Net Carbs

Do you need another filling nutrient and another blood sugar stabilizer? OhYeah! ONE Protein Bar - Maple Glazed Doughnut has 10 grams of dietary fiber, which delays hunger and moderates blood sugar. Plus, the bar has only 3 grams of net carbs.

Your All-Day, Any Day Companion

Start your day off with a OhYeah! ONE Protein Bar - Maple Glazed Doughnut and pack a few for later. They make a great-tasting, convenient, portable snack or meal replacement. Try them before or after a workout for lasting energy and efficient muscle recovery.

Doughnuts and More

There is no need to stop at glazed doughnuts for weight loss. Try the other flavors of OhYeah! ONE Protein Bars.

  • Cinnamon Roll
  • Chocolate Brownie
  • Cookies N' Cream
  • Lemon Cake
  • Happy Birthday Cake
  • Peanut Butter Pie
  • Blueberry Cobbler
  • Almond Bliss
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  • Salted Caramel

You can always opt for the 12-bar Variety Pack if you cannot decide or you want to try them all.

OhYeah! ONE Protein Bar - Maple Glazed Doughnut come in single bars or 12-bar packs. Try one today on National Glazed Doughnut Day and stock up for later, too!

Bariatric Friendly Cinnamon Fall Treat

Bariatric Friendly Cinnamon Fall Treat 0

Are you a cinnamon fan? Now is the time of year where pumpkin and cinnamon flavors and scents are everywhere. If you are looking for treats to help you through this fall season, look no further!

BariatricPal’s Cinnamon Protein Baked Squares are so yummy! They are the perfect treat and you don’t have to feel guilty about eating it. For one square, there is 170 calories, 19g carbs, 5g sugar and 15g protein. Finding a treat with this low amount of sugar can be tricky, so I was super excited to find this bar.

The flavor is amazing. The cinnamon is very strong, which I love. The icing on top is my favorite and it gives the bar a nice, sweet flavor to it. I love that it isn’t too sweet and I especially love that the sugar is so low. Many times, when I find a treat that is lower in calories and fat, the sugar is insane and it gives me dumping syndrome. As a bariatric patient, it is crucial that you stay away from high sugar foods.

Another thing I like about these bars is that they can act as a breakfast as well. They resemble a coffee cake, which makes me so happy because coffee cakes are one of my favorite foods in the world.

If you are looking for a treat, or even something you could use as a breakfast, I highly recommend that you try these amazing cinnamon bars.\

Try yours here:

* Use code KIMH15 for 15% off!*


Chocolate for Weight Loss and Health

Chocolate for Weight Loss and Health 0

Some people that you can never get too much chocolate. We happen to agree, which is why The BariatricPal Store is always looking for the latest and greatest chocolate bars that taste great and keep you on your weight loss diet. Smart for Life Choco Crisp Protein Bar does not disappoint.

A Chocolate Bar to Fool Your Waistline

Smart for Life Choco Crisp Protein Bar is sweet, rich, creamy, and diet-friendly. Each one has 170 calories, 5 grams of sugar, and 2 grams of saturated fat. In contrast, a regular chocolate bar of the same size has 28 grams of sugar and over 9 grams of saturated fat.

Filling Deliciousness

Smart for Life Choco Crisp Protein Bar has 19 grams of protein and 6 grams of dietary fiber. Both of these are filling nutrients that can help delay hunger for hours. Try a bar for a snack or dessert as a way to quell late-night cravings. You can even have it for breakfast. We will not tell!

Plant-Based Superfoods Included

Just when you thought it could not get any better, we have something else to tell you about Smart for Life Choco Crisp Protein Bar. If you are the type to read the fine print, this may be a rare time when the “fine print” has good news: the bar has kale, carrot, beet, and broccoli powder in it. Who knew that chocolate could come with so many superfoods?!

More of the Same

Try the other Smart for Life Protein Bar flavors, too.

  • Strawberry and Cream
  • S’mores
  • Peanut Butter Choco
  • Lemon
  • Caramel Almond
  • Cinnamon Pecan
  • Variety Pack

The Smart for Life Choco Crisp Protein Bar and other flavors each come in your choice of a single pack or a 12-pack, so you can stock up. Stash them everywhere so you can get your chocolate fix…err…protein snack…wherever you go.

Weight Loss Flavors of Fall: Apples

Weight Loss Flavors of Fall: Apples 0

Today is the first day of autumn, and that means deliciousness and weight loss. How so? Take apples, for example, since their peak season is beginning now. You already know how delicious crisp and juicy apples can be, but do you know how you can lose weight with their flavor? Read on…

Apple Pie Protein Bar

How bad is apple pie for your diet? Well, it has more of a “pie” than an “apple” effect. A slice of apple pie can have 300 to 600 calories, and over a day’s worth of sugar and saturated fat, with almost no protein. Instead, skip the baking, and enjoy the taste of pie in a Quest Apple Pie Protein Bar. It has only 190 calories, 3 grams of sugar, and 1 gram of saturated fat, and staves off hunger for hours with 20 grams of protein and 14 grams of fiber. Buy a single bar or a 12-pack.

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

As the mornings get chilly, you can start your day off with Apple Cinnamon Protein Oatmeal. It has real whole-grain oats, apples, and cinnamon, without a load of sugar and carbs. Each packet has 15 grams of protein and 2 grams of sugar. Make it with water and have it as a quick breakfast or snack alone or with peanut, fruit, or yogurt. It comes 6 individual-serving packets per box.

Apple Cinnamon Protein Cereal

If you do not feel like making oatmeal or you prefer a crunch in the morning or for a snack, try gluten-free Apple Cinnamon Protein Cereal with 12 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber. Choose from a multi-serving box, a single-serving packet, or a box with 6 single-serving packets.

Apple Protein Shot

Take an Apple Protein Shot with you, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can have 15 grams of protein anytime, anywhere. It is a convenient protein boost for a post-op weight loss surgery patient or anyone who needs protein and essential amino acids in a quick 2.5-oz. shot without any sugar. Try 1 shot or a 6 or 12-pack.

Fresh Apples: The Real Deal

Good call if you are holding out for fresh, crisp apples. A medium apple has 4 grams of filling fiber, and did you know that eating apples was linked to better weight loss in a clinical trial? If you are concerned about the sugar in apples, just have them in small portions – say, ½ apple at once – and include a source of protein and/or fat with your apple. Try ½ apple…

  • Baked with a sprinkle of cinnamon and served with cottage cheese.
  • Sliced and served with PB2 Peanut Butter Powder or almond butter.
  • Toasted with low-fat cheddar cheese melted on top.
  • Dipped into Protein Pudding or yogurt.

Apples not only taste great, but lend themselves to weight loss. Check The BariatricPal Store for these and other protein products with apple flavors, and celebrate the beginning of autumn!

Vegetable Chili and Your Shrinking Waistline

Vegetable Chili and Your Shrinking Waistline 0

What are your biggest weight loss challenges? Hunger? Giving up foods you love? Portion control? Lack of time to cook? No more need these get in the way of your grand weight loss plans. The BariatricPal Store has great-tasting, easy-to-prepare, high-protein foods to satisfy every craving any time of the day. Consider High-Protein Vegetable Chili Light Entrée.

Vegetarian Protein-Packed Chili

Each serving of High-Protein Vegetable Chili Light Entrée contains 15 grams of protein. Protein is a filling nutrient that can delay hunger for hours as it slows digestion and stabilizes blood sugar. Protein takes more energy to digest than carbs and fat, and protein is also necessary for maintaining lean muscle mass as you lose weight to maintain your metabolism. This chili has 100% plant-based, vegan protein.

Great Ingredients and Taste

A hearty bowl chili may not seem to fit into a weight loss plan when you consider the calories and fat in a typical serving, but you do not need to give it up to lose weight. High-Protein Vegetable Chili Light Entrée may be a “diet meal,” but you would not guess it from its taste and ingredients. It has a warm, barely spicy flavor of cumin, onion, and chili flavorings, and is made with real red beans, red bell peppers, and tomatoes.

Nutrition for Weight Loss

“Control” is the name of the game with weight loss; in particular, calorie control and portion control can be the most rewarding. Each serving of High-Protein Vegetable Chili Light Entrée has only 100 calories, and you never need to worry about portions since it comes in single-serving packets. Enjoy the chewy chunks of “beefy” soy protein, knowing you are having a cholesterol-free meal that is also free from saturated fat.

Instant Snack or Meal

A bowl of High-Protein Vegetable Chili Light Entrée can be ready in seconds with just water and your microwave or stove. Have it as a meal or snack whenever the mood strikes. It can be a complete meal or snack on its own, or you can get creative with some healthy combos. For example…

  • Use it as a topping for Protein Chips to make nachos.
  • Top it with fat-free sour cream and low-fat cheese.
  • Pour it on a baked potato and add chopped broccoli.

Each box of High-Protein Vegetable Chili Light Entrée contains seven individually-packaged servings.

The BariatricPal Store has other Protein Entrees, from Nacho Cheese Pasta to Sloppy Joe to Vegan Chicken Curry. They are all high in protein and flavor, and low in calories and carbs, to help keep you excited about your diet. After all, weight loss can be fun!

Protein Gummies – A New Way to Get Delicious Protein

Protein Gummies – A New Way to Get Delicious Protein 0

Here is news we can all celebrate: the protein problem has been solved. Now, you can get your protein whenever you want, wherever you want, and without any mess or fuss. The BariatricPal Store introduces Herbaland Protein Gummies to help you hit your protein goals.

Vegan Protein in a Healthy Package

You would be wise to think of protein as a weight loss nutrient, since it helps delay hunger for hours. Protein has some more valuable functions. It helps your body preserve lean muscle mass as you lose weight, so you can keep up your metabolism as you burn fat. Plus, protein is essential for wound healing, which comes in handy after weight loss surgery!

Most weight loss surgery patients could do with a little more protein, and Herbaland Protein Gummies can get you there. Each bag has 10 grams of yellow pea protein. It is entirely plant-based, with none of the cholesterol or saturated fat you would get from meat. Plus, these 10 grams of protein come with only 180 calories and 1 gram of sugar.

Anytime Protein

You can take your Herbaland Protein Gummies anywhere for a quick protein snack anytime. Start your day with a sweet protein punch if you are in a rush, or refuel your muscles after a workout with a pouch of gummies that you stashed in your gym bag. Your gummies can do double duty when you use them as an alternative to sugary candy that someone offers you at work.

Ingredients Your Body Can Love

Some protein supplements come in a sugary package, or with artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. Herbaland Protein Gummies has none of those. Instead, you can count on your protein being:

  • Free from fat
  • All-natural and GMO-free
  • 95% organic
  • Free from gluten, dairy, soy, and nuts

Great-Tasting Flavors

No matter how healthy your protein is, it needs to taste good for you to eat it. No problem! Herbaland Protein Gummies come in a variety of great-tasting flavors for you to enjoy.

  • Fantastic Fruit
  • Banana
  • Papaya Paradise
  • Wild Berry
  • Kiwi and Friends

Do you love them all? Do you need to taste them all before you find your favorite? Then opt instead for the Variety Pack of Herbaland Protein Gummies. They come in choices of 5 pouches, 5 12-serving bags, or 5 12-serving boxes.

A Whopping Dose of Fiber

Fiber can be in short supply after weight loss surgery or while you are losing weight. The typical American gets only half of recommended amounts of fiber, and you may be getting even less if you are cutting certain foods from your diet to lose weight or because of post-op digestive concerns.

A shortage of fiber is a shame, because fiber has all kinds of benefits. It helps stabilize blood sugar levels so you have fewer energy swings and a lower chance of hunger pangs. Result: weight loss? Fiber also helps keep you regular and can lower cholesterol levels.

Each serving of Herbaland Protein Gummies has 27 grams of fiber. That is more than the amount most people need in a day, and you can get it in one fell swoop!

When you need a sweet boost of protein, reach for Herbaland Protein Gummies. Try a single pouch, or stock up in any flavor with a larger bag or multi-serving box. It’s another way The BariatricPal Store supports happy weight loss!

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