Take Charge of Your Experience at The BariatricPal Store!

Alex Brecher

Customers come first at The BariatricPal Store. We want you to have a great experience whether you are just drop by casually to quickly pick up a single product, or whether you stop by to browse through our products, looking for new favorites and more weight loss help.

At The BariatricPal Store, we think we do a pretty good job of taking care of our customers. We stand behind our product quality, and we’re always looking for new products and making sure we deliver the best value. Still, we invite you to make your shopping experience interactive so you can make the most of your trips to our storefront. Here are a few ways to get involved.

Watch Your Rewards Points Grow

We value our customers, and our Rewards Points program is one of the ways we show you how much we appreciate your business. You can create an account by visiting our storefront, or you can be automatically enrolled when you make your first purchase with The BariatricPal Store. You get 100 points just for signing up! You will also get points for:

-making a purchase.

-following us on Twitter.

-following us on Instagram.

-liking us on Facebook.

-referring a friend to create an account at The BariatricPal Store.

You will also receive points every time you make a purchase at our site. You can redeem your points for cash discounts off of a future purchase, so it really is true: the more you spend, the more you save!

Use Product Reviews and Write Your Own

We know how great our products are: how good they taste, how well they work, and how convenient they are…but you don’t need to take our word for it. Instead, take it straight from other customers at The BariatricPal Store – people who are looking for health, weight loss, great taste, and convenience just like you.

Check out our Product Reviews from verified purchasers to see what they have to say about the products you’re thinking about buying. You can also read through the reviews to see if there are any must-try products.

Of course, you can give back to the community by writing your own reviews. Whenever you buy a product and write a review, you’re letting everyone else know what to expect.

Look for New Products and Suggest a Product

Have you tried Millie’s Sipping Broth in flavors such as Thai Lemongrass and Smoky Facon? What about BariatricPal Fluffer Nutter 15 Gram Protein Bars, or sugar-free, high-protein Orangeade? You don’t want to miss out on great new products, so stop by our New Products page to see what’s new. And, if you don’t see the product you want, suggest it so we know what you expect from The BariatricPal Store!

Contact Us Anytime

Do you have a question about a product or delivery time? Can we help you with your order? Please let us know! You can contact us anytime via email or using our online web contact form. For immediate assistance during business hours, we’re also available on the phone or you can choose to chat with a live specialist. The BariatricPal Store is at your service!

We’re all about customer satisfaction at The BariatricPal Store, and we think the best way to make sure we’re delivering is to keep you involved. Whether you have a question, you’re racking up Rewards Points and discounts, you need product info, or there’s anything else we can help you with, there are ways for you to improve your experience at our store. Thanks for being a great customer!

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