Today Is National Pretzel Day

Today Is National Pretzel Day

Abegail Fernandez

Pretzels…delightfully crunchy or soft, a little salty, and way too starchy to be on a sensible high-protein weight loss plan. Wait – scratch that! You can have your pretzels and still lose weight when you opt for high-protein, reduced-carb versions. The BariatricPal Store has what you need to celebrate National Pretzel Day in style.

No Pitfalls

Some of the problems with regular pretzels are their high amount of refined carbs and low amount of protein. The combo leads to blood sugar spikes and cravings for more high-carb foods. Protein Pretzels are lower in carbs and have 12 grams of protein. They also have 4 grams of dietary fiber to stabilize blood sugar and keep you full for longer.

Portion Packages

These pretzels have another trick to help you lose weight: they are portion controlled. You can have the entire package because each bag has only one serving. Each box has six single-serving packages or you can buy one bag at a time – it is your choice!

Gluten-Free to Meet Your Needs

Sometimes it is hard to find gluten-free crunchy snacks because they are so often based on wheat flour. Not so these Protein Pretzels! They are gluten-free, not to mention made with all-natural ingredients so you can feel good about eating them.

Flavors for All Tastes

Snack on classic pretzels in Original Flavor, or try a different twist on these twists. Go for a savory-sweet blend with a little heat with Jalapeno Honey Mustard, or keep it on the sweet and spicy side with Cinnamon Toast. Or, stock up on all three so you can nosh on whichever suits your mood.

Enjoy Your Way

Pretzels go nicely on their own, and are easy to take anywhere for a snack. They also pair well with pretty much anything. Try them with low-fat cheese, all-natural turkey breast, or yellow mustard. You can also dip them into hummus, cream cheese, and Protein Salsa. Use your imagination!

A quick and easy snack is worth its weight in gold, and Protein Pretzels fit the description. Enjoy them this National Pretzel Day and feel good knowing you are the life of the party.