Kay’s Naturals The Fit! Variety Box

Kay’s Naturals The Fit! Variety Box 0

It seems like things are anything but normal at this time of year, with gift shopping and wrapping, holiday parties, and fitting in work and family in between. It can be hard to take care of yourself and prepare the foods that will let you keep losing weight.

Kay’s Naturals Fit Kit! Variety Box can help. It has enough ready-to-eat snacks and protein for three full days, with all items being gluten-free, low in sugar, and high in fiber. Oh, and they taste great, too. Keep reading if you are ready to lose weight easily with Kay’s Naturals Fit Kit! Variety Box.

A No-Brainer Choice for Weight Loss

The Fit Kit! Variety Box is designed for anyone who wants to lose weight but is busy, on the go, hates being hungry, and loves great taste. The box has:

  • Cereals: Apple Cinnamon, French Vanilla, Honey Almond
  • Puffs: Almond Delight, Veggie Pizza
  • Pretzels: Jalapeno Honey Mustard, Cinnamon Toast, Original Flavor
  • Protein Chips: Chili Nacho, Crispy Parmesan
  • Cookie Bites: Cinnamon Almond, Honey Almond, Mocha Espresso
  • BBQ Snack Mix
  • Kruncheeze

Every item in the Fit Kit! Variety Box is packaged in a single-serving portion and ready to eat. You can take your cereal and snacks anywhere without needing to refrigerate or heat them. Sweet, salty, and spicy, Fit Kit! Variety Box has it all.

Filling Out Your Meal Plan

Fit Kit! Variety Box contains enough servings to have five every day for three days. You might have cereal for breakfast and then a few snacks throughout the day. The total will be about 500 calories, so you may want to fill out your diet a bit.

You could pair items from the Fit Kit! Variety Box with healthy foods. For example, mixing any of the cereals into plain yogurt or cottage cheese adds protein, and any of the chips go well with dips made from non-fat cream cheese. The puffs and pretzels can go into salads or be mixed with nuts to make a high-protein, low-carb snack mix.

Another option is to add a healthy lunch and dinner totaling about 500 to 700 calories (ask your doctor for calorie goals and dietary recommendations!). 

Healthy meals should have lean protein and vegetables or fruit, and can include:

  • Diced chicken tossed with riced cauliflower and chopped vegetables.
  • Egg white salad made with plain yogurt and served with spinach and tomato on whole-grain bread.
  • Tilapia sauteed in olive oil with mushrooms and onions.
  • Tofu smoothie with spinach, berries, and almond milk.
  • Carrots or apples and peanut butter.
Why make the holiday season and weight loss even more stressful when you can turn to the Fit Kit! Variety Box? It cuts back on meal planning, cooking time, and boring diet foods. What is not to love?
Protein Bars for Holiday Season Weight Loss

Protein Bars for Holiday Season Weight Loss 0

Christmas is less than two weeks away, and New Year’s follows in another week. The holiday season is in full swing, and so is the holiday eating season. As Christmas cookies, fudge, candies, and other baked goods come parading by, Protein Bars at The BariatricPal Store may be able to let you satisfy your cravings and keep your weight loss on track. Here is why they can work and how you can use them to your advantage.

Protein without Sugar 

Protein Bars from The BariatricPal Store can give you a sweet taste, but with a dose of protein and without a load of sugar. Swap a Protein Bar for, as an example, a chocolate chip brownie, and you could get an extra 10 to 15 grams of protein and save over 20 grams of sugar. That is important, since protein helps stave off hunger, while sugar increases blood sugar swings and sugar cravings. 

Flavors to Satisfy

There is at least one kind of Protein Bar at The BariatricPal Store to match whatever craving you are having or temptation you may be facing. Just to start with, there are all kinds of chocolate options, such as dark, white, and milk, and as chewy protein cores, chocolate chips, and chocolate coatings.

Chocolate is only the beginning. Protein Bars can have caramel, peanuts and peanut butter, almonds, and creamy, crispy, and chewy options. Flavor profiles may include vanilla, coconut, lemon, strawberry,, cinnamon, oatmeal, marshmallow, and pretzels, to name just a few. In short, there is no need to cave into temptations for unhealthy treats when Protein Bars offer the same flavors without damaging your resolve or waistline.

A Healthy Shopping Snack Alternative

Is holiday shopping taking over for a while? Pack some Protein Bars, and you can avoid the mall food court. Your shopping trips may be a lot healthier when you choose a 150 to 200-calorie bar instead of pizza, a sandwich, fried rice, a cinnamon roll, or a soft pretzel for 400 to 900 calories and very little nutrition. Protein Bars even come in meat-flavored choices if you are craving something savory.

Stash a Few

Workplace goodies are, well, not very good if you are watching what you eat. Protein Bars can bail you out when you store some in your desk drawer. Just grab one instead of whatever your generous colleagues are offering, and you can stay on track. Unlike those unending platters of Christmas cookies and bottomless bowls of Christmas candy, Protein Bars are portion-controlled so you can eat the whole thing without worry.

You hear a lot about Protein Bars, and they really can live up to their reputation. Aside from offering tons of high-quality protein from sources such as whey, and being low in sugar and excess carbs, Protein Bars can be tasty enough to give satisfaction instead of unhealthy, high-calorie baked goods and other seasonal fare. The BariatricPal Store is here for you this holiday season to help you meet your weight loss goals!

Sugar-Free Thanksgiving Sides and Sweets

Sugar-Free Thanksgiving Sides and Sweets 0

What are your plans for Thanksgiving next week? With some careful planning and a few good choices, it is not too hard to find good weight loss options on the table. For example, turkey is a zero-carb, high-quality protein food, and a green salad with dressing on the side can give you the chance to fill your plate without expanding your waistline.

But what about the sweeter side of Thanksgiving? Sweet potato casserole and pumpkin and other pies can be as essential to the meal as a turkey if they are part of your annual tradition. You do not need to skip them if you want to stick to your weight loss plan this year. Just make a couple of smart swaps.

Sweet Potato Casserole

Sweet potatoes are superfoods according to many lists, but not so much when served in sweet potato casserole with brown sugar and marshmallows. A serving of candied yams or sweet potato casserole with marshmallows can have 50 grams of sugar and 400 calories. Why?! Instead, sweet potato casserole can be high in protein and low in added sugar.

Vanilla Protein Powder mixed into water can add sweetness without sugar, as well as adding protein. Milk, plain yogurt, or fat-free sour cream instead of water can add creaminess without fat or carbs. Topping it off with pecans is a heart-healthy, low-carb choice to keep the dish traditional-tasting. To further cut calories and carbs, acorn squash is a good choice instead of sweet potatoes since it has half the calories and carbs per cup.

Pumpkin Cheesecake

What could possibly be better than pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving? What if you were to eliminate the excess sugar and switch from simple pumpkin pie to decadent pumpkin cheesecake? Here is how.

Make 2 servings of Cheesecake Protein Pudding per guest and divide it in half. Stir canned pumpkin puree (not pumpkin pie filling) and cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice into half the protein pudding. Place the plain pudding into individual cups or a larger pie tin, and cover with the pumpkin mixture. Compared to pumpkin pie with crust, you just saved 50 grams of carbs and 25 grams of sugar per serving!

Apple Pie

As American as apple pie may be, it’s really not healthy if you opt for a slice with 600 calories, 30 grams of fat, and 30 grams of sugar. Why would you, anyway, when there are so many other choices? Pure baked apples with cinnamon are already pretty sweet and satisfying. Otherwise, Protein Powder mixed with a bit of water and drizzled over the apples and cinnamon before baking can turn the apples into a true treat. If you are missing the crunch of the crust, try mixing sliced or chopped cinnamon protein baked apples with walnuts, pecans, or toasted oats.

Thanksgiving can be healthy and low-sugar even if it includes sweet and satisfying dishes. The BariatricPal Store is there to help as you plan for a healthy, happy holiday!

National Guacamole Day and What to Dip for Weight Loss

National Guacamole Day and What to Dip for Weight Loss 0

Today is National Guacamole Day, so get ready for parties and weight loss! That is right! Avocados are high in healthy fats, low in carbs, high in fiber, and sources of antioxidants. 

Guacamole is easy to make. Puree or mash some avocados and season to taste with ingredients such as garlic, lime, diced onion, sea salt, and cilantro for a traditional recipe. Otherwise, go to town with twists such as parmesan, tomato, and basil, black bean and corn, diced apples, or pineapple and mango.

Now, what to dip? Serve that guac with sour cream and tortilla chips, and your celebration of National Guacamole Day can quickly turn into a day of regret. Serve it with some of the following choices, and your celebration can be guilt-free.

Protein Chips and Pretzels

Protein Chips and Pretzels are the answer to the chip-lover who needs to lose weight. Get your crunch without the potatoes and white flour as you trade starches for protein. Many of the choices have 15 grams of protein per serving, along with a dose of fiber to add to the fullness factor.

Try Tortilla-Style Chips, Protein Potato Chips, Pretzel Twists and Sticks, and Krinkles and Puffs in almost every flavor imaginable. Classic ones include Sea Salt, Barbecue, Ranch, and Sour Cream, but you cannot go wrong with Cinnamon Toast or anything you choose. 

Raw Vegetables and Fresh Fruit

Are you interested in getting more fiber and making your guacamole snack more filling without many more calories? Are you looking for ways to get more fruits and vegetables in your diet? Pairing them with guacamole is a win-win situation. Celery, carrots, cauliflower, bell peppers, and broccoli are all great choices for dipping. So are apple slices, pineapple strips, and melon cubes.

Beans and Shrimp

Are you ready to pair your guacamole with another superfood? Bean Snacks consist of garbanzo and other beans, and are seasoned with herbs and spices. They are naturally high in protein and fiber. If you are not into beans, shrimp and strips of chicken breast are also great companions for guacamole.

Cheese Snacks

Keep it totally low-carb with crunchy Cheese Snacks. These are not the cheese-flavored, starchy puffs and crisps you might find in the regular snack aisle. These are pure cheese, such as parmesan, cheddar, and asiago. They come in plain varieties and spiced varieties such as Tomato Basil, Chili Lime, Bacon Barbecue, and Jalapeno, just to name a few. They have a good dose of protein and almost no carbs. What a way to enjoy your guacamole!

Smart dipping choices for your guacamole can have big benefits for your waistline, and be just as tasty and satisfying as tortilla and potato chips. Whip up a big batch, invite your friends over, and celebrate health and guacamole together.

Weight Loss in a Box: Are You Ready?

Weight Loss in a Box: Are You Ready? 1

Picture this. You open your door to find a box. It is discreetly packaged so nobody else knows what it is, and its contents include all kinds of delicious products and weight loss aids that are your to try whenever you are ready. As you dig through the box, you see old favorites and new discoveries.

This scenario can be reality, and not just once, but every single month, without needing to think about it. The Monthly Subscription Box has a variety of products that can inspire you to get on track or stay on track to your weight loss goals. Here is how it works.

What’s in the Box?

You will find out what is in your Monthly Subscription Box when you open it! It could have protein bars, protein shakes, sugar-free candy, protein instant breakfasts and entrees, sweet and savory snacks, and even bariatric vitamins. The assortment is different each month, and that makes it even more fun. A tiny sampling of products in past boxes includes: baking mixes, almonds, protein pasta, meat snacks, protein chips, multivitamins, and pill organizers. Anything can show up in your Monthly Subscription Box!

Latest Products and Old Faves

The BariatricPal Store has a lot of weight loss products, so you may miss one or two, or forget about an old favorite. The Monthly Subscription Box can help by sending new products, top-selling products, and our personal favorites to jar your memory or alert you to something great and new. Each box has a hand-picked selection, and it is almost like having your personal shopper choose your products.

Sample Sizes and Surprise Gifts

How do you know if you like something before you try it? The Monthly Subscription Box is the best way to try sample-sized portions of some store products so you can try before you buy. Maybe you will love it, or maybe you will want to try other flavors of the box product. 

Every so often, you might reach into your box and pull out a surprise gift, such as a protein shaker bottle or some measuring aids for easy weight loss meals. It’s just our way of saying, “We’re behind you every step of the way!”

Exclusive Discounts and More

Do you like something in your Monthly Subscription Box? Buy it - for less! Each box comes with exclusive discounts for every single item in the box if you want to buy the full-sized version. Try it, love it, and buy it for less!

Each month’s selection comes with a sample menu showing how you can use these products as part of an overall weight loss plan (as long as your health professional approves, of course).

You can purchase the Monthly Subscription Box a month at a time, or in a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription, with greater discounts for the longer subscriptions. They all come with free shipping, and with the 12-month subscription, you get a free scale.

Sign up for your Monthly Subscription Box today and see how much weight you can lose when you have the inspiration and products to make it fun!

Safe Catch Elite Tuna at The BariatricPal Store

Safe Catch Elite Tuna at The BariatricPal Store 0

Today is a good day for anyone who loves great-tasting, healthy food, needs to lose weight, and has no time to spare in the kitchen. Safe Catch Elite Tuna can be an instant snack or meal, and it is protein-packed and carbohydrate-free. See how you can add this superfood to your healthy diet plan!

Maximum Nutrition 

Safe Catch Elite Tuna has 21 grams of protein in each pouch, or 14 grams in each 2-ounce serving. It has 60 to 120 calories per serving and 0 grams of carbohydrates, making it an easy choice for a high-protein, low-carb diet for weight loss after bariatric surgery or any time, or for any weight loss diet. It is packed with B vitamins, which support normal metabolism and energy production, and selenium, which promotes antioxidant activity.

Tuna is known as a fatty fish that is an excellent source of heart-healthy omega-3 fats. Conventional processes such as pre-cooking, machine-processing, and rehydrating can lead to loss of omega-3 fats, but Safe Catch Elite Tuna is hand-cut, hand-packed, and slow-cooked to retain nutrients.

Great Taste and Versatility

Safe Catch Elite Tuna comes in five great-tasting flavors for any mood.

  • Original with nothing but tuna and salt
  • Chili Lime with avocado oil, chili pepper, lime oil, and orange peel
  • Citrus Pepper with lemon peel and oil, garlic, onion, and pepper
  • Garlic herb with garlic, rosemary, oregano, and basil
  • Tandoori with coriander, cumin, ginger, cayenne, and paprika

With such delicious flavors, Safe Catch Elite Tuna is designed to be eaten out of the pouch, but it goes great with other foods, too, for a bigger snack or a more substantial meal. Mix it with avocado or yogurt to turn it into tuna salad to put on crackers, a bed of lettuce, or baked sweet potato slices. Safe Catch Elite Tuna can go into a shirataki noodle salad with peanut sauce and vegetables, or be part of a breakfast bowl with black beans and mango salsa.

Safe, Sustainable and Nutritious

Some kinds of tuna present a dilemma: should you eat it for its lean protein and heart-healthy omega-3’s, or avoid it because of mercury or environmental concerns? Safe Catch Elite Tuna avoids this dilemma. It has mercury levels well below the thresholds set by the FDA and by Consumer Reports for pregnant women and children.

Furthermore, Safe Catch Elite Tuna is sustainably sourced from free school skipjack tuna and without using fish aggregating devices. With large loads and proprietary methods, Safe Catch Elite Tuna is produced with less impact on the environment.

Safe Catch Elite Tuna comes in single-serving packs and you can buy them 1, 6, or 12 at a time. There is also a Variety Pack with all five flavors. Stock up to have great-tasting, ready-to-eat protein on hand whenever you need it!

Safe Catch Elite Tuna is one of those practically perfect finds: great-tasting, good for you, good for the environment, and super convenient. This weight loss find is a treat, but surprise: it is not the only practically perfect weight loss product at The BariatricPal Store. Browse around and see what floats your boat!

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