Stock Up on Sugar-Free Candy for Valentine’s Day

Stock Up on Sugar-Free Candy for Valentine’s Day

Alex Brecher

Candy can be everywhere on Valentine’s Day and the days leading up to it. Having a piece here and there for a couple of weeks can leave you feeling bloated, and possibly not in the most romantic of moods, by Valentine’s Day.

It is nearly impossible to pass up the daily temptations at work, in stores, and from friends, but it is possible to make better choices. The BariatricPal Store has Sugar-Free Candy, including all kinds of chocolate, that can help you can avoid the excessive amount of sugar and calories in most types of candy. Here is a taste.

Chocolate for Chocolate’s Sake

Do you sometimes wonder whether you are more in love with your significant other or with chocolate? If so, our collection of Sugar-Free Chocolate is for you. It comes in all types, including dark, milk, and white, and in the variations you crave, such as crispy, plain, and with almonds. The only thing they all have in common is that they are sugar-free and delicious.

Chocolate Plus One (Or More)

Chocolate has a lot of trusty side-kicks, such as peanuts, peanut butter, nougat, and caramel. The trouble is that they usually come wrapped in a bar or a truffle packed with sugar and fat, and devoid of protein. 

Our Sugar-Free Chocolate Bars give you the goods without the extras. Some are high in protein and can serve as meal replacements or snack bars, while others are simply sugar-free and blissful. These are just a few of the chocolate combos you can try.

  • Peanut Nougat Clusters
  • Chocolate Covered Caramels
  • Chocolate Pecan Clusters
  • Peanut Butter Cup Patties

With choices like that, you will have no need to cave into temptation to take high-sugar candy bars and chocolates when you walk by them or they are offered to you.

Sugar-Free Marshmallows, Gummies, and Hard Candy

When it is time for a break from chocolate, we have you covered, as well. Our Sugar-Free Candy collection includes sugar-free marshmallows, gummies, and lollipops. You can even find long-lasting breath mints and chewy caramels to satisfy your sweet tooth without going over your sugar and carb limits.

Whether or not you have a special someone in your life, and whether or not you celebrate Valentine’s Day, it is nearly impossible to avoid candy before and on it. We say, why bother to try? Instead, find sugar-free favorites at The BariatricPal Store and love yourself all the more for doing it.

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