Five Tips for Getting Enough Protein While Traveling

Five Tips for Getting Enough Protein While Traveling

Alex Brecher

Are you a frequent business traveler, do you live to travel, or are you simply considering a trip for the first time in a while? Traveling means shaking up your routine, and that includes what you eat. Planning ahead can help you stick to your weight loss diet and get the protein you need no matter where you go or what you do.

How you get enough protein on the road may be different than how you do it at home, but you can still do it easily. The BariatricPal Store has these tips for getting enough protein while traveling.

1. Start the day off right.

Protein delays hunger and stabilizes blood sugar, which means a high-protein breakfast can energize you for the morning. If the hotel buffet is heavy on carbohydrates, such as from cereal, bagels, and pancakes, you might want to bring your own Protein Breakfast, such as packets of oatmeal that you can make with only hot water. If you cannot find hot water to make oatmeal, you can start your day with a boost of protein from Protein Cookies or Protein Spreads with peanut or almond butter and great flavors.

2. Sip all day.

Protein Powder is lightweight and easy to prepare just by mixing it with water or another beverage. Great-tasting, low-carb options include the following.

  • Protein Shakes, such as Vanilla, Chocolate, and Cinnamon Roll.
  • Fruit Drinks, such as Lemon Razzy, Pineapple Orange, and Strawberry Banana.
  • Hot Drinks, such as Hot Chocolate, Cappuccino, and Mocha.

Nearly all of our varieties are available in single-serving packets so there is no need to carry around more than you need or to measure out powder while on the go.

3. Snack smart.

Whether you are sitting for a break or need a munch on the go, Protein Snacks can deliver satisfying protein without starchy carbs or trans fats. Protein Potato and Tortilla Chips come in flavors such as Ranch, Sea Salt and Vinegar, and BBQ, while other options include Protein Chips, Protein Puffs, Cheese Snacks, and Bean Snacks.

4. Keep an extra shot on hand.

The day can pass quickly when you are at a conference, touring the city, or visiting old friends. Protein Shots are ideal for those times when you are on the go and need protein now. 

Protein Shots have 15 to 26 grams of protein in each serving size of 1 to 3 ounces. Since they are so small, they are easy to take anytime you need extra protein, even if you are not that hungry but know you have not hit your goals for the day. Delicious flavors include Pink Lemonade, Orange, and Watermelon, for example.

5. Count on bars.

Protein Bars are the classic solution for getting more protein, and now they are better than ever. They are all great-tasting, but low in carbs, while delivering 15 to 30 or more grams of protein each. You can take them anywhere and enjoy them for breakfast, snack, dessert, or even light meal replacements. Flavors range from sweet, such as Cookies and Cream and Chocolate Peanut Butter, to savory, such as Wild Boar Bacon and Venison Sea Salt Pepper.

Getting enough protein while traveling can be well worth the effort because it can keep you on your weight loss diet, and you can do it with a few high-protein foods and beverages from the BariatricPal Store. They are portable, low-carb, convenient, and delicious, so you can enjoy your trip and your meal plan, too.

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