Weight Loss Waffles Anytime

Weight Loss Waffles Anytime

Waffles are so delightful, but they are not always the best breakfast choice. Not only can they be too slow for a busy morning, they can spell trouble for weight loss with their potential for delivering calories, sugar, and starch, without fiber or protein to speak of. 

Waffle lovers who want to lose weight now have something to celebrate. The BariatricPal Store has Rip Van Wafels as a great-tasting, ready-to-eat, and weight loss-friendly breakfast, snack, or dessert. They have crisp waffle-like cookies filled with a delicious creamy layer. Here is the scoop on Rip Van Wafels.

Low-Sugar Wafels

Have you ever checked the sugar content of a waffle? It varies by brand, but a plain Belgian waffle can have 10 grams and a Belgian waffle with the works can have 50 grams of sugar!  Regular-sized Rip Van Low-Sugar Wafels have only 3 grams of sugar, although you would not know it from the taste. They come in these flavors.

  • Chocolate Brownie
  • Honey and Oats
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Dutch Caramel and Vanilla

They have 6 grams of fiber per serving to help fill you up. For some added protein with your wafel, try decaffeinated or regular Protein Coffee or Protein Fruit Drinks with none of the 30 grams of sugar you would get in a cup of orange or other fruit juice. For a more substantial meal, Rip Van Wafels go well with peanut butter or nuts, eggs, fruit, yogurt, and/or cottage cheese.

Protein Wafels

Rip Van Wafels come in a version with 10 grams of protein per serving. Rip Van Protein Wafels can be a stand-alone snack since they have plenty of protein and fiber to fill you up and stabilize blood sugar for hours. A pair of Rip Van Wafels can be a small, ready-to-eat meal, or you can make it bigger with some fruit or nuts. They come in Honey Oat.

Wholesome Ingredients

Rip Van Wafels have no artificial sweeteners, and are sweetened with natural monkfruit. Sources of nutrients in these waffles include oat fiber, chicory root fiber, chickpea flour, and eggs. The protein in Rip Van Protein Wafels comes partly from milk protein isolate, a high-quality protein. Rip Van Wafels have no GMO ingredients.

Right Size for Weight Loss

Rip Van Wafels come in a range of sizes so you can pick the package that is best for you. They come in larger waffles and mini waffles. The Variety Packs come in your choice of mini Rip Van Wafels, with 3 single-serving bags, 3 Snack Packs, or 3 Gravity Boxes, or regular-sized Rip Van Wafels, in a 5-wafel pack or a 12-pack box of 5 wafels each. Try them for breakfast, snacks, or dessert, or experiment with Rip Van Wafels for lunch or dinner, too!

Rip Van Wafels can be the next big thing in breakfast, but they will not make you big! The BariatricPal Store has all kinds of other must-finds, but you may never find them unless you stop by! Browse the aisles and be sure to check out the New Products and Top-Rated Products.

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