160 Calorie Protein Bars Low Carb Protein and Fiber Bars

160 Calorie Protein Bars Low Carb Protein and Fiber Bars

Alex Brecher

Your post-op weight diet is critical for weight loss success. You may know that it should include a lot of protein and fiber, but sometimes it’s challenging. BariatricPal Protein and Fiber Bars can help as a meal replacement or snack for times when you’re in a rush, on the go, or just craving something sweet. They’re a way better choice than many other options!

Low Carb Diet for Post-Op Weight Loss Success

After the initial liquid, pureed, and soft food stages, you are back to eating solid foods. That’s great! You get to have tons of lean proteins, such as fish, chicken, eggs, and ground turkey. And the next most important group are vegetables to give you fiber and keep you full without adding many calories. 

The low-carb, high-protein diet is what can help you lose weight. It’s low in calories, and fiber and protein are filling nutrients. Most surgeons may suggest getting at least 65 grams of protein daily, and about 20 to 30 grams of fiber. That usually means putting protein and fiber foods, like vegetables, first.

This diet can also help you keep the weight off if you establish sustainable habits. To do this, you need choices for satisfying cravings and for busy days. Including BariatricPal Protein and Fiber Bars can help you do this by giving you a treat without going off your diet.

Dietary Fiber Benefits

Protein may be the most talked about nutrient, but dietary fiber plays a role, too. It helps keep you full to make weight loss easier. It can also:

  • Improve digestive health by supporting the growth of healthy gut bacteria, which are linked to improved weight control and immune function.
  • Prevent or reduce constipation, which is a big issue after bariatric surgery.
  • Help stabilize blood sugar after you eat, by slowing absorption of nutrients.
  • Lower cholesterol levels to improve heart health and lower risk for heart disease. 
  • Reduce blood pressure. 

Dietary fiber can also be used to indicate diet quality. That’s because foods that are naturally high in dietary fiber tend to be healthier. On the other hand, highly processed foods, such as white bread and pasta, many baked goods, and sweets, can be low in fiber.

Sources of Dietary Fiber and Challenges to Getting Enough 

These sources are some of the top sources of dietary fiber. Keep in mind that whole versions and less cooked versions are higher in fiber.

  • Vegetables, such as broccoli, carrots, artichokes, eggplant, onions, and tomatoes.
  • Whole grains, such as oatmeal, bran cereal, and whole-wheat bread and pasta.
  • Fruit, such as berries, apples, pears, oranges, and peaches.
  • Beans, peas, and lentils.
  • Nuts, peanuts, and seeds.

Most Americans fall short in fiber. The average American gets about half of the recommended amount. It’s even harder to get enough fiber after weight loss surgery.

  • It’s hard to get whole grains on a low-carb diet.
  • You may have trouble tolerating high-fiber vegetables for months or years post-op.
  • Beans can be hard to digest at a time when you’re already dealing with digestive issues.

BariatricPal Protein and Fiber Bars can help you get fiber when you’re not eating enough of these high-fiber foods.

Protein Bars for Busy Lifestyles

BariatricPal Protein and Fiber Bars are designed for on the go people and people who are just too busy to cook every single meal and snack beforehand. Does that sound like you? 

There’s no need to have fast food or get a candy bar or snack cookies from a vending machine. You can get protein and fiber in an easy and great-tasting 160-calorie protein bar that is low in carbs.

BariatricPal Protein and Fiber Bars come in two varieties. They’re high in protein and low in carbs. A bar has:

  • 160 calories 
  • 15 grams of protein
  • 5 to 12 grams of fiber
  • As little as 1 gram of sugar

The other type of 160-calorie protein bar has 5 grams of fiber, but is fortified with 20 vitamins and minerals. That’s a nice choice for a meal replacement or snack when nutrients are at a premium!

Compare that to snack cakes or a chocolate bar, with hundreds of calories and almost no fiber or protein, and you know you’re doing what you can to stay on track.

Healthy Options to Satisfy Cravings 

Sometimes, you have a craving for a certain taste, even if you’re not starving for specific nutrients. BariatricPal Protein and Fiber Bars can definitely satisfy the need without adding guilt. Whether your craving is for chocolate, peanut butter, fruit, or caramel, or for something sweet, salty, crunchy, or smooth, BariatricPal Protein and Fiber Bars can deliver.


These are the delicious flavors that will have you wondering why you would ever turn to sugary junk food instead of a 160 calorie protein bar.

The flavors fortified with 20 vitamins and minerals include these: 

These 160-calorie protein bars come in boxes of 7 bars, and are available in a single box, or as a 3-box or 6-box set. You can also find them in Variety Packs to get a bunch of great flavors!

Easy to Use Wherever You Are

BariatricPal Protein and Fiber Bars can be ideal any time of the day or evening, and wherever you are. Store a few flavors in your pantry and at work, in the car, or in a purse or gym bag. You’ll be glad you did when hunger strikes or when a sugary offering is tempting you to go off your diet.

BariatricPal Protein and Fiber Bars are great on their own, but they can also be paired with other nutritious items to make a heftier meal or snack. You can add calcium and protein with a string cheese stick or some cottage cheese or yogurt. Or have a few nuts or some berries with them. However you enjoy them, they taste even better because they are guilt-free.

BariatricPal Protein and Fiber Bars are just some of the great choices at The BariatricPal Store for satisfying hunger and cravings. Be sure to browse all the aisles for other cool finds, from protein bars and shakes to easy, low-carb instant meals and ready-to-eat snacks. We are here to help you succeed in weight loss!

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